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Chic fun school supplies1
Back-to-Cool: 11 of the Chicest School Supplies
article by Tina
It's time to talk back-to-school. I know, I know, there are moms out there that are currently mad as heck (let's keep this PG, we are chatting school supplies) that I'm bringing this up the first w...
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HOSL Captain Blue Map Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 17.3*17.3 Inch(44CM*44CM) Review
review by Tina
I bought two of these pillow covers a few months ago and LOVE them. Honestly, my expectations were quite low because of the price but I was blown away by the quality. Sure, I had to buy inserts for...
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50 Fall Tablescapes & Home Decor Essentials for Every Budget
list by Tina
fall decorations
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Cooking
Home & Decor
Create a perfect autumn vibe with these beautiful fall tablescape and decor essentials, perfect for every budget.
Fitbit gold fitness bangle
Fitbit Announces New Swoon Worthy Fitness Fashion Line
article by Tina
A fitness fashion statement, is that a thing? It is now. Fitbit just announced designer fitness trackers for fall and they are anything but dull. Tory Burch, Vera Wang, and PUBLIC SCHOOL are all in...
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20 Chic Mugs Every Girl Boss Should Own
list by Tina
Coffee Mugs
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Cooking
Let everyone at the office know who's really in charge with one of these 20 coffee mugs, perfect for the Girl Boss. 
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LZpencils Brings the Cool to School Supplies
article by Tina
Earlier today I tasked myself with creating a "Back-to-Cool" (yes, cool) collection. Back-to-school lists are a dime a dozen and in all honesty, feel a bit tired. I thought, what if we co...
Nefertiti: A Novel - Michelle Moran Review
review by Tina
This was the first book I read by Michelle Moran and I loved it. In fact, I had a hard time putting it down. I think I read it in less than a week. Moran's ability to relate historical accounts in ...
Home workout fitness essentials
My List of Go-To Fitness Products for Cross Training at Home
article by Tina
Staying fit is incredibly important to me. Making time to workout keeps me healthy, both physically and emotionally. The high that's associated with nailing a killer workout is addicting. Most week...
14 Cheeky Travel Mugs That Will Cure any Case of the Mondays
article by Tina
If your morning mantra is "coffee before talkie" you're going to want to invest in one of these cheeky travel mugs. Mugs this chic can cure any case of the Mondays.Let's break it down: it...
Kitchen Organization: Amazon Pots and Pan Organizer
review by Tina
These organizer racks are fantastic. We have a small kitchen so good organization is vital. This spring I purchased a bunch of organizational systems to make better use of our space. The organizati...
H&M's Fall Bedroom Decor Line: Bold, Beautiful, & Affordable
article by Tina
If your bedroom needs a facelift, you're in luck. H&M just released their fall bedroom decor line and it is GORGEOUS. Bold, beautiful, jewel-toned decor and bedding pieces are front and center ...
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Celebrity Chef Inspired Kitchen Must-Haves
list by Tina
Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets
mixing bowls
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Home & Kitchen Features
If these kitchen essentials are good enough for celebrity chefs, they're good enough for me. 
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15 Epically Cool Gifts for Gamers
list by Tina
Gift Guide
Clothing & Fashion
Home & Decor
Level up your holiday gifts for the gamer in your life.
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20 Summer Reads for Your Beach Bag
list by Tina
Women's Fiction
Literature & Fiction
Lighthearted summer reads are perfect for a beach day. You're going to want to add one of these 20 books to your beach bag immediately. 
Bring on the Rain: Rainy Day Fashion Essentials
article by Tina
Spring is here and in many parts of the country that means April showers. Rather than hibernating on rainy days, embrace the showers (think May flowers!) and rock these wet weather fashion essentia...