Cat decor
Cat Themed Home Decor I Never Knew I Needed
article by tiffanyg
I'm a creature of the internet. I live to turn blue links purple and to see every cat GIF in existence. When I needed a new home decor style, I looked at many options, but nothing quite suited my t...
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Three Household Spray Cleaners I Can't Live Without
article by tiffanyg
I recently moved into a gorgeous historic home with all the character and charm you expect out of this type of property. The original hardwood floors are almost 100 years old, the kitchen was renov...
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3 Great Tools That Make Housework a Snap
article by tiffanyg
Nothing ruins a good day like an argument over why the chores aren't finished. I like cleaning most of the time, but when I'm sick or in the middle of a hectic work schedule, I don't want to deal w...