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article by Thomas G
 My husband just loves these sports sunglasses and he thinks they are amazing . They fit him well and look great. He really likes that they come with so many options . It comes with 5 different len...
clip on light
article by Thomas G
 This is a great clip on light . I been using this to clip on my books i read . The light is just right for read for me. I like that it is adjustable neck so you can set it to the way you want it a...
little light
article by Thomas G
 This is a nice little light to use for a closest or a small space area. It uses batteries and it gives off a nice amount of light for smaller areas. It has adhesive pad on the back side to stick i...
waist trimmer
article by Thomas G
 The waist trimmer is very sturdy material. It's made with a good quality material and sewn together very well. I have tried a lot of waist trimmers in the last couple of months, and this one is by...




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Jade answered:
 These are great to help with balance