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Things I've gotten for FREE!
All of the things that I've gotten for free in the past 3-4 years thanks to sites like Shopswell and as review items! 
Purina Pro Plan True Nature Protein Crunch Bite Cat Snacks With Real Shrimp and Added Taurine 2.1 Ounce Pack Review
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review by Therese Campbell
I just received a sample of these cat treats in my PinchMe box from last month and decided to give them a try because my cats are very picky with treats. They usually don't like hard treats. As soo...
Crack dip logo
Delicious Dips: Crack Dip!
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article by Therese Campbell
Dips are often a very popular dish to make for parties, holidays, or just a relaxing night! My newest obsession is a dip called Crack Dip and it is named accordingly. This dip is so good that you'l...
Best list of survey and rewards sites
Reward Earning Sites!
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article by Therese Campbell
Nothing feels better than being able to purchase something that you want or need without spending any money out of your pocket. How can you do that you may ask? It's simple! I'm going to list 3 of ...

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2 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
My dad loves making Diy projesct so I purchased DIY books for him from amazon this is one of them he loved it @therese_campbell  what did you give  yours? I would love to know  
2 Answers
My parents had all the kids over to their house for food and fun. So we just visited them for a while then we went to see my husbands dad for a little while too.
2 Answers
@therese_campbell  yes' they update every day
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Therese Campbell asked the community
2 Answers
Noel Miller answered:
We are going to see Finding Dory today, and just bought Zootopia, which was excellent! My boyfriend and I love Disney and cartoons!  And also, Life of Pets, coming out July 7!
1 Answer
Mmow Mmow answered:
hi there @therese_campbell  it isn't hard at all if you go to amazon and find the product you are looking for go to the top http link hi-lite it  and right key your mouse and click copy and then br...
1 Answer
l1velif3 answered:
Check this list .. it has exactly what you are looking for x 
2 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
click on product of your choice it will show you a text box to write review :) or go to your dashboard click on +compose article button you can write and add product by clicking on tiny + sign on t...
1 Answer
l1velif3 answered:
I dont like these sites... its very slow process of earning.... the most you earn is by referrals which isn't easy to get! I prefer rebate apps.. which adds up  little but real money!
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19 Answers
Mmow Mmow answered:
I wear plus size as well and I find great deals at Rue 21 along with my niece and there are some great deals on [email protected]_campbell  look how cute for under 10 bucks you can not go wrong
1 Answer
BETSYSGOLD answered:
Check these recipes out. they are great. There are four different recipes.
2 Answers
Sadly, no! If you have an iPhone look up Shopswell on a web page and at the bottom it will have a little box with an arrow in the middle, click on that and then on the bottom it'll pop up a bunch o...
7 Answers
Sondra answered:
Have you read through this yet?