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Pure Mist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - Enjoy Aromatherapy vaporizer Experience with Your Favorite Scented Essential Oils Review
review by Jade
I really like these essential oil diffusers . I love the ways they work and putting in oils makes my house smell amazing. This diffuser is a good size and i really like the color changing it has to...
Fantasy Swan Paradise Review
review by Jade
This Fantasy Swan Paradise toy is really neat and pretty . You can move the wings and it plays music. It will move around of the floor it will bump n go . The middle part goes a round and lights up...
Palais Clear Luxurious 15-ounce Footed Classic Pilsner Glass, Set of Four (Clear w/Gold Rim) Review
review by Jade
I really like these footed classic pilsner glasses . You get 4 in the set . They are 15 oz glasses . They are think tall and great quality. They are great glasses . They are on the heavy side and s...
Palais Glassware Mason Jar Tumbler Mug with Handle - 16 Ounces - Set of 4 (Rooster Design) Review
review by Jade
The mason jar glasses are think and strong . I love that you could pic a design on the and i got the roaster ones and they are so cute . The mugs hold 16 oz and you get 4 in the set. I like the thi...

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