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I love finding great deals and freebies. I am also a Amazon Reviewer. I love having fun and being with family. I believe the best things life are usually free. Follow me and I'll follow you back.

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I'm going to be in what should be my last year of college, but since I changed my major a billion times my first year and a half I'm a little behind. I started off as a graphic design major, then d...
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I save up my amazon gift cards from earning sites so it builds up until Christmas and birthdays. I haven't paid out of pocket for my kids gifts in years!  But as for regular ways to save - turn you...
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andryaaaaa answered:
I love my wallet case with handle strap. 
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prekrasan answered:
Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Or you could buy tea tree oil and infuse your shampoo and conditioner with it. I used to get lice frequently and this is what we used.It is also good to get a ...
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I made a burlap wreath with adorable patriotic burlap. I found it on a seasonal aisle in walmart.
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Crystal Bell answered:
You will see things like little floating things that could be shapes or lights. I went to the hospital for it, It was migraines and that was one of the symptoms that a lot of people have when exper...