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I love finding great deals and freebies. I am also a Amazon Reviewer. I love having fun and being with family. I believe the best things life are usually free. Follow me and I'll follow you back.

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2 Answers
yes and you make bank from it I hope this helps :)
3 Answers
You can, but I was told that Shopswell will not accept the review if it is word for word the same as your review on Amazon because they don't see it as "original content" I'm not sure wha...
2 Answers
I end up using more when it is a store brand generic. This soap work fine. 
10 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
oh I plan on checking it out. I have my eye on a countertop ice maker. The amazon app will track deals for you and let you  know what is coming up.
1 Answer
I've used it and I have combination skin. I love how well it blends and it doesn't look greasy 
2 Answers
I just upload all my photos to facebook and when I create the album I put the settings to "only me" who can view them. That way no one has access to see anything and if I need a picture, ...
2 Answers
choose appropriate brushes, experiment with different paints, oils, etc. if you dont have an already stretched canvas, I would look into the correct way to do it. Apparently theres a certain way!