Tammy Walker

I love finding great deals and freebies. I am also a Amazon Reviewer. I love having fun and being with family. I believe the best things life are usually free. Follow me and I'll follow you back.
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prekrasan answered:
Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Or you could buy tea tree oil and infuse your shampoo and conditioner with it. I used to get lice frequently and this is what we used.It is also good to get a ...
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3 Answers
Justine Kinch answered:
 It's a bit thick, but it covers well.  You'll need a darker shade than this, but you may be able to try it at a department stor that carries Clinique.  It makes your face look whiter.  
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3 Answers
Alla Rada answered:
I buy Revolution. They ship it from Australia but it is cheaper than regular brands and more effective.
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choose appropriate brushes, experiment with different paints, oils, etc. if you dont have an already stretched canvas, I would look into the correct way to do it. Apparently theres a certain way!
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Crystal Marie answered:
i make this like enchilada caserole type of thing.you cook up your choice of meat (or i like to use left overs)then get a pan and put enchilada sauce.. then layer these..tortillas... enchilada sauc...
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yes and you make bank from it I hope this helps :)
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Barbara U answered:
Click the little bell by your name. It lists all the recent activity on your Ccount like who followed you!😀