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Calling All Curry Lovers: You're Going to Want to Buy This
review by Stephen H
In today's world, cooking interesting, fast, nutritional and delicious food is difficult, especially for a growing family. Let's face it, if you're spending less than 40 minutes in prep, and includ...
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The Perfect Morning Brew: Bird Rock Coffee | Review
review by Stephen H
A friend of mine, David, realized I had become a coffee-geek even before I did. I had been bringing my own beans, and a filter cone into the office, and he called me out. He asked if I'd tried Bird...
3Doodler 3D Printing Pen with 50 Strands of Plastic, Black
review by Stephen H
3-D Doodling! Are you kidding!OK ok...don't own it...yet....but saw Nalan post this on Facebook, and said...WANT IT! This is a crazy hand held 3-D printing pen. What is so cool about it in my mind,...
review by Stephen H
There are only a handful of movies/stories that speak to me with such a deeply moving purity of voice. Visceral. Violent. Spectacular. Worth immersing in.  When you grow up as one of three boys and...



Vinium Waiter's Corkscrew Premium Rosewood Bottle Opener
review by Stephen H
A close friend gave me a gorgeous corkscrew, and I use it 2-3 times a week and think of them. Every time I open a bottle of wine, the corkscrew makes me happy. The hinged end makes it easier to pul...
Must-Binge Television: Broadchurch
review by Stephen H
Broadchurch pulls together a beautiful and believable story together in a British small town. The writing explores the almost normal characters in ways that breathe life, light and fuel curiosity. ...