Father's Day Fun
article by Sondra
The best fathers deserve the best gifts for Father's Day or any special occasion like his birthday or anniversary.  If your husband is active or removes his wedding band while working out, you may ...
Hashtag Awesome: Gifts for the Social Media Obsessed
article by Sondra
What gifts do you get for your social media obsessed girlfriend? I've gathered some great items featuring the overused, often misunderstood, hashtag! #YoureWelcomeYou can't possibly eat anything wi...
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Fun Cat Furniture
list by Sondra
Beds & Furniture
Cat Houses & Condos
Pet Supplies
I think our cat gets bored inside our house all day and while she has plenty of space to explore and play, she's definitely wanting quiet spots that are just her own, but cardboard boxes are for su...
Green Thumb: 47 Garden Planters You'll Fall in Love With
list by Sondra
Pots Planters & Container Accessories
Plant Container Accessories
Outdoor Gardening & Lawn Care
Patio Lawn & Garden
Home & Kitchen
Home & Decor
Gifts & Decor
Plants can make your house feel like a home. We plan to incorporate more planters around our house this spring to liven up our living space.
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Gifts for the Bad*** Girl In Your Life
list by Sondra
Female Power
Girl Stuff
Girl Power
Females ARE strong as hell, so why not show them that you support them with these products that help bad ass bitches everywhere speak their mind, without having to say a word.
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Fun Bathroom Art
list by Sondra
Bathroom Decor
Humor & Entertainment
Decorative Signs
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Features
Home & Decor
If you've ever been in a public restroom, or even someone's home bathroom with humorous and quirky art on the walls, you know what a difference it can make to your overall experience in their home ...
Bigstock beautiful marble kitchen count 105258746
Quirky Kitchen Art & Decor
article by Sondra
These are fun art prints from some talented designers and artists to line your walls. If you love gathering your friends and family around the dining room table, you'll love this collection of wall...
Creating The Perfect PinUp Photo Shoot
article by Sondra
Getting everything ready for the perfect Pin-Up Photo Shoot is easier than it might seem. From gorgeous retro shoes to the most vintage hairstyles to fit the look of your make-up, we've got a great...
Mood Boosters
article by Sondra
Because sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. Like, right now, or whenever you find it hard to hop out of bed in the morning. So, go ahead, pick a phrase from one of these cute little items and s...

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4 Answers
I've actually used for most of my large printing. I've got ones that are 12"x12" and 3'x4' - I've seen other people get ones printed even larger that came out great.
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9 Answers
boodreeau answered:
You know when I had my cat, I took the cardboard lid from a bigger boix than the cat litter box and put it under his litter box and it would catch all the excess litter. Hope this helps, it was a t...
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5 Answers
Alla Rada answered:
The description sounds creepy but reviews are good.  Is your son in Middle school? I would not purchase it but borrow from the library.
12 Etsy Designers Who Should Be On Your Radar
article by Sondra
Thanks to our savvy community members who love shopping and sharing their favorite finds, I've been introduced to several Etsy creators who I feel are totally worth checking out if you love fashion...
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17 Answers
prekrasan answered:
Pretty much everyone has either read or heard of 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks - this is the second book to 'The Notebook'. I've read both, and think this one is much better (but The Notebook ...
3 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
@sondra  I have always loved Sound of Music and before Hurricane Katrina I would pop this one in my cd and just set my car on cruise hope you consider it.  and for some great humor and delight from...
Ice cream is cheaper than therapy tank top
We All Scream for Ice Cream
list by Sondra
Party Supplies
Home & Kitchen
Clothing & Fashion
I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!
Brands to Follow: Frances Valentine
article by Sondra
If you follow fashion, you're probably quite familiar with Kate Spade & Co., one of the biggest brand names to offer everyday clothing, shoes and now decor for your home. The couple behind the ...
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5 Answers
Personally, we have liked our gas camp stove much more than a BBQ Grill for camping. It's just much more versatile.  We can still roast marshmallows and hot dogs, but we can easily cook our eggs &a...
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4 Answers
Shelby M answered:
For interior wipe-downs, I would recommend these: I use these for my tan interior to wipe up after my dog (and other dirtiness like dust and dirt) and they have always worked for me. My hubby also ...
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1 Answer
When the A/C broke in my building during a heatwave, they supplied me with this for the week until they got it fixed. It worked pretty well and kept the place cool. 
Brand copeland furniture lifestyle
Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Modern Home
article by Sondra
Let's face it, when it comes to decorating your home with furniture, you have one of two options: save money on cheap products your kids may or may not want you to pass along to them (if it lasts t...
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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
article by Sondra
Today is Earth Day which has made me think about all the ways in which we try to conserve the resources that we have and reduce the amount of waste we produce.Sending my kids to school with lunch e...
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For My Better Half
list by Sondra
Decorative Pillows Inserts & Covers
Dining & Entertaining
Glassware & Drinkware
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Kitchen & Dining Features
Home & Decor
These are fun his & hers gift ideas to get for wedding gifts, anniversary presents or to pick up for you to share with your significant other for no reason at all.  
Bigstock steaming coffee cup 82605293
Mug Life
list by Sondra
Dining & Entertaining
Coffee Cups & Mugs
Cups Mugs & Saucers
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Kitchen & Cooking
I probably spend way too much time thinking about coffee, but these mugs make drinking it more enjoyable. Here's a bit of advice, though: if you give someone a coffee mug, it's best to also give th...