Father's Day Fun
article by Sondra
The best fathers deserve the best gifts for Father's Day or any special occasion like his birthday or anniversary.  If your husband is active or removes his wedding band while working out, you may ...
Hashtag Awesome: Gifts for the Social Media Obsessed
article by Sondra
What gifts do you get for your social media obsessed girlfriend? I've gathered some great items featuring the overused, often misunderstood, hashtag! #YoureWelcomeYou can't possibly eat anything wi...
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Fun Cat Furniture
list by Sondra
Beds & Furniture
Cat Houses & Condos
Pet Supplies
I think our cat gets bored inside our house all day and while she has plenty of space to explore and play, she's definitely wanting quiet spots that are just her own, but cardboard boxes are for su...
Green Thumb: 47 Garden Planters You'll Fall in Love With
list by Sondra
Pots Planters & Container Accessories
Plant Container Accessories
Outdoor Gardening & Lawn Care
Patio Lawn & Garden
Home & Kitchen
Home & Decor
Gifts & Decor
Plants can make your house feel like a home. We plan to incorporate more planters around our house this spring to liven up our living space.
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Gifts for the Bad*** Girl In Your Life
list by Sondra
Female Power
Girl Stuff
Girl Power
Females ARE strong as hell, so why not show them that you support them with these products that help bad ass bitches everywhere speak their mind, without having to say a word.
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Fun Bathroom Art
list by Sondra
Bathroom Decor
Humor & Entertainment
Decorative Signs
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Features
Home & Decor
If you've ever been in a public restroom, or even someone's home bathroom with humorous and quirky art on the walls, you know what a difference it can make to your overall experience in their home ...
Bigstock beautiful marble kitchen count 105258746
Quirky Kitchen Art & Decor
article by Sondra
These are fun art prints from some talented designers and artists to line your walls. If you love gathering your friends and family around the dining room table, you'll love this collection of wall...
Creating The Perfect PinUp Photo Shoot
article by Sondra
Getting everything ready for the perfect Pin-Up Photo Shoot is easier than it might seem. From gorgeous retro shoes to the most vintage hairstyles to fit the look of your make-up, we've got a great...
Mood Boosters
article by Sondra
Because sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. Like, right now, or whenever you find it hard to hop out of bed in the morning. So, go ahead, pick a phrase from one of these cute little items and s...

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The Couple Next Door: A Novel - Shari Lapena Book Review
review by Sondra
I'm about halfway through this book right now trying to figure out who is responsible for the crime. The story pulled me in immediately and I definitely am surprised by the secrets that are reveale...
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Hand Cream - Lemon Cream Review
review by Sondra
I always make sure I have some hand lotion in my purse, wherever I go, especially in my carry-on bag when traveling. This one really comes in the perfectly sized container. It's long and skinny so ...
The House of the Scorpion - Nancy Farmer Review
review by Sondra
This was one of the two books my son had to pick from for his summer reading assignment. We ended up reading this one together and it was a really thoughtful book that covered a wide ra...
The Girl on the Train: A Novel - Paula Hawkins Review
review by Sondra
I wanted to read this book when it was first published and now that the film version is going to be in theatres this fall, I wasn't sure how I would manage to find time to read it before the movie ...
list by Sondra
Thrillers & Suspense
Literature & Fiction
I've been spending a lot more time behind the wheel lately so I've just introduced Audiobooks into my life and it has been life changing! The morning and afternoon commutes don't seem as long while...
Cocktail party draper james
This Entertaining Collection is Southern Hospitality at its Finest
list by Sondra
Cooking Tools & Accessories
Food & Drink
Home & Decor
Southern hospitality at its finest. This new collection from Draper James is fabulous for entertaining. 
Wheat dress
Southern Style Trends from Draper James
article by Sondra
If you're not already in love with Reese Witherspoon, you will be once you see the beautifully designed clothing, handbags, home accents and accessories from her newly launched line, Draper James.I...
Introducing Gwyneth Paltrow's goop Clothing Line
article by Sondra
The "everyday" collection of clothing inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's closet essentials is finally here. After years of watching Gwyneth share recipes and ideas for a celebrity-like lifesty...
Stranger things railroad tracks
Netflix Musings: 80s Pop Culture References from Stranger Things
article by Sondra
Since Netflix has just announced that Season Two of Stranger Things will for sure happen, I'm thinking I may need to rewatch Season One just to make sure I didn't miss any hints or clues that may h...
Sondra asked the community
Has anyone tried this?
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12 Answers
Debi Segal answered:
 Because he already takes an allergy pill, I would suggest a homeopathic nasal spray that doesn't contain any of the medications he already has in his system. Homeopathic blends use natural remedie...
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
list by Sondra
Home Décor
Home & Kitchen
Mirrors make a room look bigger and we're thinking of adding one of these to our living room space. Some look a little more feminine than others, but I'd love your help in finding the best one for ...
Hello 40 gold balloons
40 and Fabulous
list by Sondra
I cannot believe my husband and I turn 40 in less than a year. It feels like just yesterday I was taking him out to celebrate his 21st birthday.
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10 Answers
Judy Norris answered:
The second one looks sturdier to me and should be able to ride them into it with no problems.
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3 Answers
I always just get my kids one from Walmart. Their always priced very well
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7 Answers
jennie111585 answered:
Any spices that you need to cook with (basil, etc...) is rather easy to plant indoors, east to maintain too. As well as  aloe plants, spider plants, etc... Hope this helps :)
Simply Stunning Home Decor
article by Sondra
I've never been much of a gold person, but for whatever reason, I'm finding myself drawn to gorgeous accessories and home decor pieces that contain glimmers of gold.This latest collection was disco...