Father's Day Fun
article by Sondra
The best fathers deserve the best gifts for Father's Day or any special occasion like his birthday or anniversary.  If your husband is active or removes his wedding band while working out, you may ...
Hashtag Awesome: Gifts for the Social Media Obsessed
article by Sondra
What gifts do you get for your social media obsessed girlfriend? I've gathered some great items featuring the overused, often misunderstood, hashtag! #YoureWelcomeYou can't possibly eat anything wi...
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Fun Cat Furniture
list by Sondra
Beds & Furniture
Cat Houses & Condos
Pet Supplies
I think our cat gets bored inside our house all day and while she has plenty of space to explore and play, she's definitely wanting quiet spots that are just her own, but cardboard boxes are for su...
Green Thumb: 47 Garden Planters You'll Fall in Love With
list by Sondra
Pots Planters & Container Accessories
Plant Container Accessories
Outdoor Gardening & Lawn Care
Patio Lawn & Garden
Home & Kitchen
Home & Decor
Gifts & Decor
Plants can make your house feel like a home. We plan to incorporate more planters around our house this spring to liven up our living space.
Bigstock pop art girl with megaphone w 95282288
Gifts for the Bad*** Girl In Your Life
list by Sondra
Female Power
Girl Stuff
Girl Power
Females ARE strong as hell, so why not show them that you support them with these products that help bad ass bitches everywhere speak their mind, without having to say a word.
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Fun Bathroom Art
list by Sondra
Bathroom Decor
Humor & Entertainment
Decorative Signs
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Features
Home & Decor
If you've ever been in a public restroom, or even someone's home bathroom with humorous and quirky art on the walls, you know what a difference it can make to your overall experience in their home ...
Bigstock beautiful marble kitchen count 105258746
Quirky Kitchen Art & Decor
article by Sondra
These are fun art prints from some talented designers and artists to line your walls. If you love gathering your friends and family around the dining room table, you'll love this collection of wall...
Creating The Perfect PinUp Photo Shoot
article by Sondra
Getting everything ready for the perfect Pin-Up Photo Shoot is easier than it might seem. From gorgeous retro shoes to the most vintage hairstyles to fit the look of your make-up, we've got a great...
Mood Boosters
article by Sondra
Because sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. Like, right now, or whenever you find it hard to hop out of bed in the morning. So, go ahead, pick a phrase from one of these cute little items and s...

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Italian wine
Edible Gift Guide for the Foodies in Your Life
article by Sondra
Let's face it, the holiday season and foods go hand in hand when it comes to celebrating. Whether it's baking cookies to decorate, building a Gingerbread House or roasting the perfect turkey for ho...
Last Minute Halloween 3D Print Ideas
list by Sondra
3D Printing
Star Wars
Tech & Gadgets
So, there may not be time to print out these ideas for Halloween tonight, but there are some great proejcts in here that are prefect for next year, or any time if you like spooky decor or Star Wars...
How to Make a Game Day Pennant Banner
list by Sondra
This DIY pennant banner for Game Day is super adorable. You could use this technique and DIY tutorial for any banner design for birthday parties, baby showers or any holiday you celebrate at home o...
How to Make Lightsaber Coloring Book Party Favors
list by Sondra
Craft Supplies
coloring books
Star Wars
Party Favors
Arts & Crafts
Toys & Games
I love how easy this looks if you have the proper supplies. I am getting more into arts & crafts as our son gets older and more capable of using things like glue and scissors. He loves tape so ...
Serving cart tadn3123
Branche Serving Cart Review
review by Sondra
I've been searching for the perfect bar cart for quite some time and as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was meant to be. The bar cart I was looking for needed to be small since we really don't ha...
BFFs Best Friends Forever from KIDROBOT and Travis Cain
list by Sondra
Gift Ideas
When you come across something so adorable you can't help but want to add them all to your shopping cart, you share in as many places as you possibly can.This new line of collectibles from Kidrobot...
Make-up Magic That Will Transform You Into Disney's Maleficient
list by Sondra
This transformation is nothing less than amazing. You'll see makeup artists in a whole new light after watching this woman turn herself into Disney's Maleficient using makeup that's accessible to e...
My Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf
list by Sondra
I love to pull out a scarf in the fall to add some color to an outfit or to make my OOTD look slightly less casual. The woman in this video shows you 10 unique ways to wear your scarf, some which I...
Pattern perfection erin brimmer
Whimsical Patterned Products by Erin Brimmer
list by Sondra
Greeting Cards
Clothing & Fashion
Tech & Gadgets
Gift Ideas
From dresses and scarves to duvet covers and iPhone covers, Erin Brimmer has some amazing printed patterned products that are super whimsical and wonderful to give as gifts. The dresses are my pers...
Bigstock female owner of fashion store  79738423
Supporting Small Businesses
list by Sondra
Gift Ideas
I asked my friends on Facebook to share their Etsy links and online stores with me so I could help support their small business this holiday season. They are pretty talented and have some great ite...
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Angela Roi's Ethical Fashion Finds for the Fall
article by Sondra
I love handbags and luxury fashion, but I adore designers who think twice about where and how their products are sourced. Introducing the newest handbags from Angela Roi.As a devoted animal loving,...
Cute comfy cros
Crocs that are Comfortable and Cute
article by Sondra
When Crocs were first introduced, they were everywhere. And they definitely got a bad reputation for being less than fashionable. I admit buying a few pairs of the Classic Cros for my boys when the...
Screen%20shot%202016 10 06%20at%207.32.18%20pm
Women’s Angeline Flat Review
review by Sondra
I can't remember when or where I bought these, but whenever I wear them, I get compliments on them as well as a look of surprise when I tell them they are actually CROCS! I know, right?! Crocs that...
Halloween trends%20(2)
2016 Halloween Costume Trends
article by Sondra
Thanks to our pop culture obsession, every year there are new trends in the hot Halloween costumes that are bound to be in demand at costume stores around the country. Here are my predictions for w...
Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh, Naturally | Product Review
review by Sondra
We bought a new car back in May and one of the things I told myself I would continue to do was to keep it feeling and smelling like new for as long as possible. Our kids are not allowed to drink an...