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Victoria Great Perfume
article by sl6955
I love Victoria Secret. I was afraid when I moved here from New York that I would not find one but I sure did. Sometimes I am just too busy to drive to the mall and I love to go and see what they h...
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Deck Chair
article by sl6955
I need a couple of deck chairs. When we go sit on the deck, we want to be comfortable. The need for something is great since one of them needs replaced. We are wanting two chairs at least and hopin...



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I make cheeseball with cream cheese, green onions, chopped beef, and bacon. I make me some with those ingredients plus I add hot peppers. 
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opaleyz answered:
A fruit Sangria!!!  For the ice put  blueberries, rasberries and grapes in the ice tray fill with water and freeze.  They make the pitcher look cute and festive.  Once the ice melt you can eat the ...