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I'm a stay at home mom and i love every bit of it.
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 picture didn't take but I think this would be very good
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You can use any Make-up you'd like if you just add  Wet and Wild primer $4 at the drug store and finish with Revlons setting spray $8 at the drug store. It will leave your make up flawless all day ...
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Every summer me and my husband likes to take our 2 kids to different battle sites. This summer we are going to Pea Ridge Arkansas
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Alla Rada answered:
What age are your children? We do arts and construction, check my listsWater guns are great Papercrafts 
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l1velif3 answered:
  these are my two best - you can also try kat von but thats for about $30!
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Noel Miller answered:
Avon has great eyeliner that not only lasts but the colors are eye catching and not hard to apply at all! Under 5$ too! !
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You could redo it with just water, I use to have a scrubber that rinsed after the scrubbing
Nostalgia electrics retro 2 lb ice maker ric100
Nostalgia Electrics Retro 26 lb. Portable Ice Maker in Red Review
review by Shirley Mills
This thing is awesome. I got one for my. Kids and they absolutely love it. It was money well spent. I always bring it out get together cook outs or just if we have a sweet tooth. Gotten candy is th...