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Non Amazon Based Freebies
article by Shelby Kenney
 Okay My last Article was all about how to get free stuff with amazon, This one I will share how to get free stuff without needing to use promocodes to purchase it off amazon. 1.     ...
Free Money
article by Shelby Kenney
 Im going to show you a couple apps that I use to get cash on things im going to buy anyways. 1. Ibotta App.                    This is an app, you do not receive free products but you will receive...
Lets Talk Freebies
article by Shelby Kenney
 I see it often enough people asking about freebies. So I thought That i would take the time and share what pages I have found to be a good way to get free things. Because lets face it, Who doesnt ...
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Walking dead
walking dead
walking dead accessories
article by Shelby Kenney
I see it a lot on the question board asking about blenders for smoothies and other things so I figured I would make an article of my 2 favorite blenders. My favorite blender for personal use is the...
MKONY Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with 2 Snaps,Coral & Gray Set,4-Pack Soft Absorbent Cotton, Cute Baby Gift for Boys & Girls Review
review by Shelby Kenney
I Absolutely love bandana bibs. I have these ones and they are super cute. The colors are nice and vibrant. And the materials made to use this product is really soft. I love that it is made up of 1...
It is "nado" season here in tornado alley, I am a single mom...what are some things I should have prepared for me and my little girl?
answer by Shelby Kenney
4 years ago
Like Trysh said. Make sure you have batteries, flashlights, first aid kit. If there is a chance of tornado Like we were in a tornado watch yesterday i made sure my phone was fully charged. Water an...
Bandana bibs
answer by Shelby Kenney
4 years ago
I Love Bandanna bibs. I have gotten a few different brands and they all seem to be made with the same material, so you cant go wrong. There is a ton of different patterns. They are super absorbent,...
What's the best price for a Magic Bullet?
answer by Shelby Kenney
4 years ago
I have this one and it works great 
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What is the best sunscreen for toddlers?
answer by Shelby Kenney
4 years ago
Babyganics is my favorite. Works really well, my son and i have fair skin and even i didnt get burnt and i didnt stay in shade when my husband had an all day softball game 
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Baby Gear Must haves
article by Shelby Kenney
Theres so many wonderful and super Helpful baby Items that can make your life easier. I would defiantly suggest getting a baby carrier. I dont even have an expensive one and my son loves it. Its a ...
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My Go to Baby Toys
article by Shelby Kenney
Theres so many wonderful and super Helpful baby toys that will grow with your child and help them learn. I am the one that likes to have multi functional toys. Especially because baby toys are not ...
Sophie the Giraffe Teether: Worth its Weigh in Gold
review by Shelby Kenney
When I was pregnant I was doing a lot of research on a bunch of different baby things. Everyone kept suggesting that I get a Sophie the Giraffe. After doing a lot of research on Sophie I came to th...
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Must have bowls for kids
review by Shelby Kenney
My son loves to feed himself, but if i was to give him a bowl the first thing he would do is tip it over. These are great! I love the fact that they suction cup to his highchair makes it so he can ...

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Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar "Lifetime Replacement Guarantee" - 1200 FT Range - 4 Modes (Shock, Light, Vibration & Beep) Safe For All Size Dogs (10Lbs - 100Lbs) - Rechargeable & Waterproof. Review
review by Shelby Kenney
My sister has a German Shepard that needed a little bit of training. Especially with the barking. I was excited to try this because i figured theres a picture of a german shepard that hopefully it ...
Natural Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder with Organic Sage by Moody Zook--Effective Against Gum Disease, Bad Breath, Cavity, Stain, Plaque, Gingivitis--Super Fine Texture for Sensitive Teeth Review
review by Shelby Kenney
Ive had this for about a week now and have yet noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I am going to continue to use it and hopefully it will start to work. I feel like if i use it longe...
Default no image aaf5918340b0478100a47d20254e4d8c64dead83e341180e1218cee38919de94 Russian Piping Tips 46 Pcs/SET-25 Russian Tips+20 Disposable Pastry Bags+1 Tri-color Coupler-304 Stainless Steel Large Size Icing Tips Set with Online Video Instructions Review
review by Shelby Kenney
I was super thrilled to try these out! Since my Aunt told me about these i have been looking at them. I have tried for quite some time to do roses on the rose nail with many and many failed attempt...
US Art Supply Premium Beechwood 120-Spool Sewing and Embroidery Thread Rack Review
review by Shelby Kenney
Everyone who has thread needs this! It hold everything that that is needed!. I got this for my dads girlfriend who has a lot of thread. It can hold thread spools of different sizes, and I can also ...
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3 Answers
These are all items we gave to my friend whose son turned 1 last week. 
Premium Backseat Organizer for Kids, Cars - Large Size, FREE e-book, #1 Kids' Accessories, Car Seat Protector-Kick Mat, Made of Durable Material... (Large) Review
review by Shelby Kenney
I love this backseat organizer. My back seats were getting very baby-fied as i call it, and with this organizer i was able to clean up the back seat and have extra diapers and wipes (Although i don...
2 Answers
Ashley Forte answered:
  These are a lot cheaper!
2 Answers
Min Min answered:
if you scroll over the mark it say moderators.
Default no image aaf5918340b0478100a47d20254e4d8c64dead83e341180e1218cee38919de94 mall madness board game: Toys & Games Review
review by Shelby Kenney
I completely forgot about this game! It used to be my all time favorite game when i was a kid. I cannot believe how much they are selling for now a days. If only i had saved mine from when i was a ...
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4 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
I get that a lot .. I use tiger balm available in all pharmacies and even on Amazon. Just do a little massage don't rub too much .. Just little massage, cover it and rest. I apply it before going t...
2 Answers
angle62884 answered:
Pressure always works for mine. I usually put pressure on my temples or the base of my neck. Sometimes I have my husband rub my neck and head.
Blulu Unisex Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Adjustable Snaps and Waterproof TPU Lining, 4 Pack Review
review by Shelby Kenney
I love how stylish these bibs are! They are really cute design. They are made of absorbent cotton and the TPU lining. They absorb drool very well. I have not had any issue with drool getting on his...