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Founder of, rental rebel, head curator of pretty things, lover of vintage, owls, and the tropics.

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Himalayan Light Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp
review by Sheena Tatum
I added this lamp to my wishlist because it was cool-looking and I knew that it would soothe my boho soul. I'm familiar with the health benefits of Himalayan salt and wanted more of it in my life. ...
"Ringo" OnHand Octopus Shower Speaker Creature
review by Sheena Tatum
This lil' cutie is amazing.Listening to music while in the shower is a pastime of mine. I had acquired an internet radio that I had been using, but it got old quick. The only thing that it had goin...

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Funko My Little Pony: Spitfire Vinyl Figure
review by Sheena Tatum
My seven-year-old son is a big fan of My Little Pony. On a quest to find him some masculine merch, I came across Spitfire and thought she was unisex enough. I didn't discover he was actually a she ...
Nourish Your Baby's Skin With Raw Shea Butter Healing Lotion
review by Sheena Tatum
Both of my boys are prone to heat rash and skin irritations. My oldest is almost eczema free and my youngest has rosy cheeks. We are big on using products with chamomile during the warmer season to...