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Hello Shopswellers' I'm Sharon. Mother of 4 and grandmother of 11. I'm looking forward to gettting to know you all and learning all there is to know about shopswell.


A look Back
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article by Sharon shelton
  Remember how simple the world was all those years ago?  Of course that was looking through the eyes of a child! I'm sure it had it's ups and downs ,But' I'd gladly trade todays world to go back! ...

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Hot Legs
Take a walk on the wild side!
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Active Bee Venom Lip Plumper Volume 10 Gram 256260 Created by 287 Review
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review by Sharon shelton
 If your looking for a great Lip Plumper This is what you want! Active Bee Venom Is an amazing plumper. Get those full sexy lips you been dying for in minutes. When you feel the tingle you know it'...
Football Season
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article by Sharon shelton
I am so glad football season is back' Some of my families greatest times are Sunday dinner and football! All of my children are grown and have families of there own, and busy with everyday life. Bu...
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Brandy answered:
Do you share you content on the different social media sites listed on the left side of the page? I see more views when I do.
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Barbara U answered:
There are some that look pretty good on Amazon. You can also get ALL SORTS of ideas on Pinterest!
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Joe Abruscato answered:
 go to party city they have huge merchandise for halloween