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This Food Chopper Is Little But Fierce!
article by Sandee Einboden
This little chopper processor item is something I thought I would not like in my kitchen when my daughter suggested we purchase it. That was several years ago now. We use this li'l gadget just abou...
article by Sandee Einboden
So for the price you def. get what you paid for. It's soo stinking cute I give them that. I definitely should've paid more attention to the sizes because it's a lot smaller than I anticipated. But ...
Back In the Day Phones
oldschool phones
back in the day
This list of phones is all the kinds I remember as the last of the parents time style of phone. Technology moved quickly & before you knew it everyone had cellphones & the stand alone home ...

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How old are the kiddos? My kiddos really love Candyland and Trouble. They sometimes like monopoly too . If you have a local park nearby that would also be a wonderful option. Or you could take them...
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 I use a product similar to this for my curls. My hair is extremely thick, so I put it in when its barely damp. You roll your hair in it before you go to bed and take it out in the morning. Can't g...
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marcia answered:
Ouch! I have a circulatory issue that makes my feet hurt like hell as soon as they get cold for the first time in the fall/winter and the pain lasts until it's warm again outside or I take a tropic...
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 I love to look on amazon, because I am a part of some groups that reward you with amazon gift cards. There is lots of cute and cheap sweaters like this :)