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I am a stay at home mom making pennies on the internet.

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Dirty Dancing (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) Review
review by Rindy May
I have this movie, it is the only movie I can watch over and over! In fact a few Summers ago we went to Mountain Lake where most of it was filmed. We stayed the night and toured the grounds, it is ...
POLYWOOD NCC2280WH Nautical Chaise with Arms - Stackable, White Review
review by Rindy May
These are super nice. I keep looking at them and waiting for the price to do down. Really I guess the price is not bad considering the durability and sturdiness of them. I am on a limited budget th...
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Paver Landscaping The Easy Way
article by Rindy May
I did this and I have no training or background in laying pavers or walkways. This is a mold I got for Christmas and it is the best gift I have ever gotten.  I dug down about an inch and then  I pl...
Living Express 3 Piece Outdoor Folding Bistro Set of Table And 2 Chairs,Dining Set,Sand Red Review
review by Rindy May
I have this set also and I bought it on clearance at Kmart a few years ago. I paid $15 for the whole set, no kidding! Love it, it is starting to fade but it has been outside for at least 5 years no...

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The Magic Of Dolphin Therapy
article by Rindy May
I have known my daughter was Autistic since she was 3 years old, it was devastating news. We felt helpless and didn't know how to help her but we were determined to try. So the journey began and it...
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5 Answers
Thorak answered:
 You can select a different size by following the link.
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2 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
  I love the Alice hand mirror but this set is beautiful too