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Wonderful Decorative Globes
article by Alla Rada
I am in love with those little globes. I was looking and found so many ideas online and in magazines and can't wait to start. It is sumer time and I dried already some rose petals and lavender flow...
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WHITE Quantum EMF Electro Magnetic Field Radiation Neutralizer Shield - Vortex BioShield - Anti Radiation Protector for All Cell Phones and Small Tablets (Up to 7") iPhone 4s/5s/6/6+ 7" Tablet Tested - Completely Removes Negative Effect of EMF/EMR - T... Review
review by Alla Rada
I had neck issues for a month and was going to massage and chiropractor.Unfortunately, I kept getting neck pains every morning. I was offered to review this item and was skeptical first. I was not ...
Vibrations For Weight Loss
article by Alla Rada
 Who would imagine that I like this machine so much. I should order it years ago.If you want to lose weight and shape your buttocks, this is for you as well.  I get on it 10 minutes a day and feel ...
Love Scented Markers
article by Alla Rada
 My kids and grandkids love to draw and color. We have different supplies in my house including color pencils, crayons, markers and paint.I used those markers with my kids and I love them. They sme...
Love Gardening. What is New?
article by Alla Rada
I need some new tools and gadgets for gardening. First, of all, I can recommend a light to grow planters inside. Check this out.This is my first Plant Growing Light and I can tell that it makes the...
Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops
article by Alla Rada
  https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-better-than-hcg-diet-drops-2-pack-of-2-fl-oz-bottlesI like those drops. First of all, they are homeopathic. It means that nobody will be having side effect.I am t...
Free Book On Holistic Cancer Treatments
article by Alla Rada
I have to tell you that this is my first book that I have read on natural cancer treatments.First, I downloaded series of movies " Truth About Cancer" and watch them periodically. Now I h...
Flameless Candles
article by Alla Rada
I am so amazed with candles that I have them everywhere in my house. Those candles are much better because they are safe around kids without any danger of fire.I like that I can use remote control ...
Cool Wine Rack
article by Alla Rada
I am a wine drinker and love serving wine.My husband is finishing a sunroom where I will have a bar and this item will be there.Now I have it on my counter but it doesn't look that good since I hav...
Bearnie Sanders is A Man
article by Alla Rada
I personally owe those shirts in different colors and everywhere I am going people comment on them.My daughter is 13 and wears these T-shirts daily to school.Nice mug with Bearnie Sanders.Amazon ha...
Always Check Ingredients on Your Shampoo Bottles, Do Not Buy This One
article by Alla Rada
I bought this shampoo on Amazon and I am major upset. I use only organic and natural shampoos and body wash and was promised that this shampoo has natural ingredients.I waited for this shampoo to a...
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Russian Decor
list by Alla Rada
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Excellent Luggage Tags
article by Alla Rada
I travel a lot and my luggage gets missing once in a while. It is awesome to have luggage tags that are recognizable and easy to see.This set is great. It has 2 blue and 2 black tags. I use black o...
Cute Chiffon Top
article by Alla Rada
 I am so in love with this top. Unfortunately, it is running small so try to order a bigger size. It is very cute, not too thin. It feels so nice on the body and looks great. The fabric is excellen...
Great Stapler
article by Alla Rada
I am a teacher and use this stapler daily. Highly recommended item. Very easy to use, high quality product. Comes with an electric plug. So fast working devise.Made of impact-resistant and lightwei...
Burning Love Hot Sauce
article by Alla Rada
One of the best hot sauce ever.Habanero and Garlic, Yes. I use it with chicken and beef, love it. Gives my foods so much more flavor. Not extra hot, mild on my taste. I recommend it fto frinds and ...
Best Christmas Gift
article by Alla Rada
I was so surprised when I received my package. Those balls are awesome. I am sure it will be the best Christmas gift for my grandchildren who are 4 and 9. Those balls are pretty large, 4 inch in a ...
Great Tea
article by Alla Rada
 I am a tea drinker and love Rooibos tea. I purchased this tea from Amazon and happy. This tea has a great taste and aroma.I boil some water in my electric kettle and pour it over a bag of tea. It ...
Cute Magnetic Planner
article by Alla Rada
I am a teacher and have meetings all this time. This planner has been placed on my white board and clipped with magnetic buttons. It looks good and doesn't take too much space. I use erasable marke...
Cupping Therapy
article by Alla Rada
My friend is a massage therapist and she introduced the concept of suction.She would come to my house when I am in pain and use glass cups with heat. It would bruise me badly but give significant p...
Magnetic Hooks
article by Alla Rada
 I ordered these hooks and love them. I placed one on my fridge and hang my oven mittens on it. I brought a few to my classroom and I can hang any classroom supplies I need to use.Those hooks are v...
Vesfashion 2pcs Scarf
article by Alla Rada
This is a great shawl. It comes in 2 pieces. One is a scarf and another is a shawl. I love this product. It is vert warm and soft. I wore this scarf outside today and I was very warm. I cover mysel...
Star Wars Mug
article by Alla Rada
Everyone in my family is a fan of Star Wars.  Now we cant decide who will drink coffee using this mug. I love it as well my husband and my youngest daughter.  We all like coffee in the morning and ...
Cupping Massage Kit
article by Alla Rada
My friend is a massage therapist and she introduced the concept of suction.She would come to my house when I am in pain and use glass cups with heat. It would bruise me badly but give significant p...
Nice Coffee Mug
article by Alla Rada
I bought this nice mug and very happy with purchase.I like the shape and overall design.I like that is has smaller diameter of the bottom comparing with my other coffee mugs. It is taller and keeps...
Nice Sport Bra
article by Alla Rada
I have bought different bras for my daughter but this one is one of the best. She is 13 and it is ideal for her. I am sure that this bra is ideal for female with small breasts. I don't think that i...
Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray
article by Alla Rada
I am so happy to receive this spray. It has excellent ingredients. This Argan oil is powerful and helps my hair  to look beautiful.I blow dry my hair daily and use the spray.The hair don't look gre...