I'm at home all day working on all of these making money sites to make extra money to pay some medical bills. I have two dogs to take care of also. The dog in my picture I lost in april so the picture is to remind me of her. I hope to make alot new friends and lot of money with this site. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my lists:)
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cuga55 answered:
If you have some condition and experience with exercise I suggest Beachbody Insanity. It's awesome. 
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Alla Rada answered:
I tried all supplements on Earth but Paleo diet plus everyday exercise help the best. Also, I am taking Homeopathic Remedy for Weight Loss only as needed. Check my lists for Paleo books and review ...
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Sondra answered:
I love the ASICS brand and always find them comfortable for walking or running on the road or on a dirt path. Their styles come in some great colors and the shoes are less expensive than other bran...
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Alla Rada answered:
My husband prefers Pronamel Sensodyne but I switched to organic brands such as Toms of Maine.
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Sondra answered:
If you are an Amazon Prime member you should check out the Amazon Music app which allows you to "buy" or download certain albums at no additional cost. 
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Justine Kinch answered:
The Nuwave Cooking Club (  has many recipes on line in addition to the cookbooks available for sale on this site.  Shrimp Scampi is one of the favorites.  Have fun cooking!