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Insideout halloween
Halloween Theme Ideas: The Mad Hatter
article by novsunflower
We theme-it-up for Halloween in our home. And by "we" I mean the kids. My only job for Halloween is to make the theme happen. Since I was a child, I've hated Halloween. It's never been of...
Binge worthy television
6 TV Classics to Binge on This Weekend
article by novsunflower
It's getting colder. The seasons are ch-cha-changing, and when the rain, wind, snow and sleet start up, you'll need to know what to binge on! No, not food. Great television shows that have long sin...
Sweatshirt fashion season
Fall Fashion: The Perfect Sweatshirt
article by novsunflower
I couldn't be happier to welcome the crisp, cool air. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but it's not so much for my love of the change of colors of the leaves. It's not really about my desire t...
Hair lice check
Healthy Living: Stop Lice in their Tracks with Vamousse
article by novsunflower
Every year, the fear of lice strikes fear into my heart. If you've never had to deal with it, you're lucky. When I was younger, a kid in my class came to school with it. I was unlucky enough to be ...

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Maria Parker answered:
Check Cannon website they have a lot of lens for sports shots. They are affordable compared to most.
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St Patrick's Day Goodies
list by novsunflower
St. Patrick's Day calls for fun, out of the ordinary St. Patrick's Day goodies! What else can you expect from someone who owns a shirt that says Kiss Me, I'm Irish.
Lacrosse stix
Lacrosse Gear for Young Girls
list by novsunflower
Sports & Outdoors
If you've got a daughter interested in playing lacrosse, it's important to get the proper gear. They don't wear padding, or helmets, but they do need goggles and a mouthguard!
31wqi4 boll
Travel Bag Essentials
list by novsunflower
What's in my travel bag when I travel? A whole lot of essentials to make my flight, and arrival, comfortable! Check out what I put in my "personal" travel bag! This is not what goes in my...
Five four t shirts summer
True Feelings TShirts
list by novsunflower
Clothing & Fashion
Lots of things you want to say, but can't say - put it on a shirt!
Img 8006
It's all Universal
list by novsunflower
We're heading to Universal with the kids for Family Forward. We need lots of Universal gear! Let's see what I can find!
Mom Approved Back to School Fashion
list by novsunflower
Clothing & Fashion
Mom approved back to school fashions for kids in elementary school.
Bigstock young women is reading on the  2585027
The "not winning literary awards" Summer Reading
list by novsunflower
I'm not sharing books you're going to want to read to the kids on this list folks. This is for the big kids, who don't mind the smut and scandal!
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Teacher/End of the Year Gift Idea
list by novsunflower
Teachers... there are male and female teachers. It's not easy to buy for teachers - what do they really want? Hoping these suggestions help the end of the year shopping a little easier for everyone!
Bigstock guests throwing confetti over  50070812
Wedding Party Gift Suggestions
list by novsunflower
Gift Ideas
Getting married is stressful. The worst part? Trying to figure out what to get the people in your wedding party to say thanks for standing up there with us while we nose dive into this whole marria...
Bigstock summer vacation beach 5904213
Summer Vacation Essentials
list by novsunflower
All the essentials needed for a Summer Vacation!