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Subscription Boxes
subscription boxes
A list of subscription boxes that I have PERSONALLY used. 
Garden and Garden Decor
Kites & Wind Spinners
Gardening & Lawn Care
Bamboo Cove Farm Seeds
Garden Sculptures & Statues
Outdoor Décor
Hand Tools
Patio Lawn & Garden
Lawn & Garden
A long list of garden MUST haves
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Everything Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Everything you need for a harry potter fanatic! 
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Summer Wear For Everyone!
Sports & Outdoors
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
This list has everything you need to dress the entire family this summer!




Little Loving Hands Box
article by Jessica Taylor
This was one of the cutest subscription boxes I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Each month, Little Loving Hands sends out a box  filled with craft materials along with educational content ...
Hip & Joint Dog Treats from EarthBorn™
article by Jessica Taylor
My dog absolutely LOVED these hip and joint dog treats from Earthborn Holistic®! I am always pretty cautious about what I feed my dog because he is like a second child to me. I’ve heard lots of hor...
Perfect Portions™ Premium Patés from Sheba
article by Jessica Taylor
My cat Binx is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to cat food. We normally feed him strictly dry food because we have never found a wet food that he approves of. With that being said, I was very skeptic...
Artwork Display Sign from Lucky Bee Designs
article by Jessica Taylor
Since my daughter is old enough to draw me pictures, my icebox quickly filled up with her artwork. Unfortunately I started having to pick up her artwork because I ran out of places to display them....
Expandable Garden Hose from Trutec
article by Jessica Taylor
I have been looking for a water hose that will reach my flowerbed, but wouldn’t take up much room in my yard. I hit the jackpot with this expandable garden hose from Trutec! This expandable garden ...
Potty Training 101
Potties & Seats
Bloomers Diaper Covers & Underwear
Training Pants
Potty Training
Baby Products
Everything you need to start potty training your little one! 
Beach Windscreen/Playpen from BeachBuddy
article by Jessica Taylor
Since we will be taking our first beach vacation this summer, I began searching for a beach playpen for my daughter. Something that would give her a little freedom to play, but would keep the sand ...
Grippies Builders from Guidecraft
article by Jessica Taylor
My two year old daughter is absolutely IN LOVE with these Grippies! Grippies are a STEM  building system for toddlers that allow tactile exploration, magnetic play, and they are able to introduce t...
Infrared Thermometer from BabyMD
article by Jessica Taylor
One of the hardest things to do as a mom, is keep a sick toddler calm long enough to take a temperature. I am so excited that I got to test out the infrared thermometer from BabyMD! This set from B...
Magic Beadz
article by Jessica Taylor
These magic beadz were a huge hit in my home! They start off extremely small and I was scared my daughter would be unable to play with them, however they grew to 150 times their original size! They...
WindTunnel® 3 High Performance Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum
article by Jessica Taylor
For the past two years we have struggled with finding (and keeping) a great vacuum. We have went through a total of four vacuums all of which failed us. This WindTunnel® 3 High Performance Pet Bagl...
Bear Squeaky Toy from BINGPET
article by Jessica Taylor
This bear squeaky toy is officially one of my furbaby’s new favorite toys. This toy is about 13 inches long and has a plush toy and a tennis ball attached to a durable rope. The soft plus bear cont...
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Bundle Tumble Wipe Warmer
article by Jessica Taylor
When my daughter was smaller, we used a cheap wipe warmer to keep all of her wipes above room temperature. Unfortunately it was such a hassle to use and stopped working within a few days. I did not...
Ring Candle from Charmed Aroma
article by Jessica Taylor
I have been dying to try a ring candle since they’ve hit the market, so I was super excited to receive my sterling candle from Charmed Aroma! The scent I received was apple cinnamon vanilla and it ...