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Subscription Boxes
subscription boxes
A list of subscription boxes that I have PERSONALLY used. 
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Everything Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Everything you need for a harry potter fanatic! 
Garden and Garden Decor
Kites & Wind Spinners
Bamboo Cove Farm Seeds
Garden Sculptures & Statues
Outdoor Décor
Hand Tools
Patio Lawn & Garden
Gardening & Lawn Care
Lawn & Garden
A long list of garden MUST haves
Father's Day Gifts
Fathers day
Novelty & More
Home & Kitchen
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
Need a fathers day gift idea? I've got you covered.




Princess All-In-One Gift Set From I See Me
article by Jessica Taylor
My daughter is completely amazed by her princess all-in-one-gift set from I See Me. I See Me completely customizes children’s books and places your child INSIDE of the story! With the princess stor...
Slammers Snacks
article by Jessica Taylor
These Slammers organic snacks are the most convenient healthy snacks for on-the-go! Each slammer is made with super-healthy organic ingredients and they are packed with tons of nutrients. I receive...
Cascade Ice
article by Jessica Taylor
Lately I’ve been trying to get healthier and stop drinking so many sodas. Since I am not a fan of plain water, this seemed like an impossible task. I was more than happy to test out these Cascade I...
Silicone Sippy Lids from ModFamily
article by Jessica Taylor
I have no clue why how I didn’t find these sooner! These silicone sippy lids are completely genius! These lids fit over any glass or cup instantly making them spill proof! They don’t include any ex...
Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure Sneakers from Tinysoles
article by Jessica Taylor
My daughter and I are completely in love with these multicolored Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure sneakers from Tinysoles! My daughter is currently in a size 6 and we find that these sneaker...
Duckie The Duck Shower Sprayer from Conservco
article by Jessica Taylor
Washing my daughter’s hair is truly a daunting task. Bathing her is no problem at all, but the second I try to wash her hair its like an all-out war. This Duckie The Duck shower sprayer is seriousl...
Serenity Naturals Subscription Box
article by Jessica Taylor
Each month Serenity Naturals sends out a box of all-natural skin care products such as facial elixir, night cream, face and body bars, caffeinated eye cream, and whipped sugar scrub. This month I r...
Wireless Doorbell Kit from CSMARTE
article by Jessica Taylor
I have tried plenty of wireless doorbells, but this is the first one that I am completely impressed with.  This kit comes with a transmitter, a receiver, a double sided adhesive, screws, anchors, a...
7” Android Tablet from Alldaymall
article by Jessica Taylor
When I received this android tablet from Alldaymall, I was pleasantly surprised. To be honest I noticed the price and automatically assumed it would be poor quality. Much to my surprised, this is s...
SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from Accessorise Your Life
article by Jessica Taylor
 Although I already own a wireless bluetooth speaker, a few weeks ago I started looking for a speaker to bring with me camping. My current speaker is not very durable or waterproof. This SoundFit P...
Chill Kids Headphones from Rokit Boost
article by Jessica Taylor
These Chill kids headphones from Rokit Boost are a huge hit in our home!  We had issues with our last headphones being too large for my daughter and they got way too loud. These chill kids headphon...
Back Seat Car Organizer from Dear Auto
article by Jessica Taylor
As a mom of a toddler, my backseat is constantly cluttered. I always keep extra toys, movies, baby wipes, snacks and clothes within reach in case of a toddler emergency. This back seat car organize...
Mommy Mailbox
article by Jessica Taylor
 Mommy Mailbox subscription boxes are filled with fun and uplifting products that all women, not just moms, are sure to love! This month's box is no disappointment! I received a Kern & Flourish...
Kids Tablet from Alldaymall
article by Jessica Taylor
I was very skeptical about ordering my daughter her very own tablet because I thought it would be too difficult for her to work on her own. However, that is not the case with this kids tablet from ...
Facial Cleansing System from Sparkle With Beauty
article by Jessica Taylor
I have owned quite a few of these facial cleaning sets and I have never been completely satisfied.They all seem to break easily, be too rough on my skin, and the brushes fall apart fairly quickly. ...
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@Jessica Taylor  I am glad you decided to do this, I was certified in the classes a few years back to help teach how to properly help the parents and teach about the car seats. I had a friend who l...