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Limited Edition-Orgasm Blush Review
review by Noel Miller
This is hands down, the best blush I have ever used, and it lasts forever, both make up itself and when applied! It doesn't take much of this blush to go a long way! It glides on smoothly, leaving ...
My Little Pony Exclusive Nightmare Moon Review
review by Noel Miller
Nightmare moon is one of my personal favorite show characters, so I was excited to pick her up for my pony collection. Nightmare is very beautifully made, very show accurate! She is a plastic toy t...
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Collection Sweet Apple Acres Barn Pack Review
review by Noel Miller
I have to confess that I bought this as soon as hit the store, and will do for the others too! I've been a My little pony fan my whole life, and this particular set was very well made!  A lot of th...
Victoria Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist Review
review by Noel Miller
I absolutely love this perfume! I personally feel this is one of Victoria's Secret best perfume! Bottle is very eye catching, and pretty in signature VS pink! It's a very soft, girly scent, not ove...
Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Clumping, 24/7 Performance, 35-Pound Pail, Pack of 1 Review
review by Noel Miller
If your looking for a good cat litter, look no further! The price is resonably good especially for quality! Let me say that we have 11 rescue cats, and we have a lot of litter boxes! It takes somet...
Olay Ultra Moisture Moisturizing Body Wash With Shea Butter 23.6 Oz (Pack of 3) Review
review by Noel Miller
I've always trusted Olay as a great company with excellent products, and I was not let down with this body wash! It has a great scent, very clean and fresh! Body wash lathers up perfectly with lots...

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Shopswell Has changed the way the do things and in one day i created ten big lists asked a ton of questions and answered over twenty questions and I earned a few cents. I saw it posted somewhere th...
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vburggal33 answered:
I don't see anything you are doing wrong. A lot of times I only get one a wee, maybe two, but you can use the share button and that can get it more attention.:)
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I love stickers!!😀
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