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Hello, my name is Mindy.


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What kin of baby bottles would you recommend to reduce gas?
answer by Mindy Ramirez
4 years ago
I'll have to agree with the Dr.Brown bottles, but my baby is breastfed so she doesn't really take any bottles anymore. When she did that's all I used.

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2 Answers
Trista answered:
Keep it simple and take lots of pictures and make an album. She won't remember it at all - but she will have pictures. 
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6 Answers
Nothing is better than Ben and Jerry's! Yummy 
2 Answers
Many places like El Museo del Nino (The Children’s Museum), Old San Juan, El Morro (spanish fort), Parque de las Palomas(pigeon park), El Yunque Rain Forest and water parks.
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Crystal Marie answered:
 i have never flown but i know because of my sister in law.. she went from cali and moved to hawaii with her kids... bring snacks.. favorite toys.. make sure drinks and foods are unopened before bo...
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coreykenney answered:
Yes Babyganics. i have a ginger baby and he hasnt been burned yet when having this on