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Replace your Galaxy Note7 With One of These Phones
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Galaxy Note7
iPhone 7 plus
Cell phone
mobile phones
GalaxyNote7 's are toast.Samsung has acknowledged that the GalaxyNote 7 (original or with replacement battery) are risky and need to be recalled. So if you have either, it’s time to replace them. H...
A Course in Miracles Might Be The Most Useful Mindfulness Tool Ever Created
review by mark
This one is a doozy for me, in part b/c I did all my education in science, and in part b/c I find texts that are laced with religious reference difficult. The story behind this text is literally fa...
Kenya: Thageini - Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Review
review by mark
If you head in to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla, this little gem is currently hidden in the back (ie not on the shelves). It is listed on the site, for online orders, and definitely worth s...
How to Naturally Reduce or Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Secrets from Dr. Axe
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thinning hair
Hair loss
Natural Herbs
Here’s a great video by Dr. Josh Axe, on natural ways to reduce or reverse hair loss for men and women. Let’s face it, thinning hair is a big part genetic, and another chunk hormonal. We’re focusin...
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Crossfit Shoes: Reebok Nano 5.0 versus Inov-8 F-lite 240
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Getting the right shoe can make an important difference to enjoying Crossfit. It can also preserve your expensive joggers for jogging, as you probably shouldn't be subjecting them to the grind of r...
Lechamp ti ht 6
Motobecane Le Champion Ti, Reviewed
review by mark
So about 3 years ago I started shopping for a road bike. My first, and maybe my last. I wanted something light, strong, and durable because we had decided then (for the foreseeable future) to try t...
Book Reviews - The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself - Michael A. Singer
review by mark
This is a good book, and it can and has changed lives.  It does a great job of remaining approachable, understandable, and thus convincing (maybe even a little inspiring) with regard to ways and me...
TOP 5 Best Protein Powders! RizKnows
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Sports & Outdoors
Health & Personal Care
Helpful video on widely available protein powders by Jeff Rizzo from Sacramento. Jeff’s focus for this video-review - good quality absorbable protein, affordable, tastes good, mixes well. Jeff is a...
New handmade stoneware mug cream off white 1 1
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Mug thumnail
20 Answers
Ok. I googled some stuff for you. Based on the notion that a coffee cup or mug should be thick, sturdy and really hold the heat... and knowing you...  I found these winners.Also for while drinking ...
YouTuber Alexandrea Garza Vlogger Walks Through Her Home Decor & Furniture Haul!
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Patio Tables
Alexandrea Garza and her husband Michaels vlog has over 600,000 subscribers. In this installment, Alex is taking us through decorating her new home. She talks planning, placement, and purchases, he...
Tires: Top Picks for 2016 as Recommended by Consumer Reports
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Best Tire
Best Tires
Off Road Tire
Winter Tire
Winter Tires
Tires & Wheels
Here are the leaders from Consumer Reports 2016 Tire Top Picks. This quick video review hits the high notes, for all season, truck and SUV tires, plus winter and summer sport.  Our shopping list he...
Improve Your Wifi at Home - Top New Routers in 2016
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First, you have to get over the fact that the cable companies give you crappy, OEM technology.  At some point, it will come home to roost that this just leads to increased costs and service calls. ...
Bargain Laptop - Acer Aspire E 15 E5-574G-52QU 15.6-inch Full HD Notebook - (Windows 10) Review
review by mark
This is a decent laptop that doesn't cost too much money. Pretty amazing that you can get SDRAM, and a larger than 15" monitor for under $600. It comes with Windows 10, but you'll need to buy ...
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Undertale: Awesome New (Friendly) Computer Game for Tweens & Teens
article by mark
There is a new craze that has started, and if you're a parent of kids 10-18, you probably need to know about it, it is called Undertale. Born from a novel, and relatively simple RPG (role playing g...
Best Men's Winter Coats: High End & Budget Alternatives 2016 From YouTuber Darren Kennedy
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Leather & Faux Leather
Men's Clothing
Aviator Jacket
Mens Wear
Jackets & Coats
Clothing & Fashion
This review covers the lasting and latest fashions in men’s winter coats.  Darren takes inspiration from the high street brands of London like Kooples, Reis and Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I'm also of...
Best NEW PS4 & Xbox One Games as of October 2016: Video Review
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PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Xbox One Games
Video Games
The PS4 and Xbox games just keep getting better. Here are the top ranked games coming out of October 2016, just in time to start making those gift lists for the upcoming holidays.  This video had o...