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Replace your Galaxy Note7 With One of These Phones
list by mark
Galaxy Note7
iPhone 7 plus
Cell phone
mobile phones
GalaxyNote7 's are toast.Samsung has acknowledged that the GalaxyNote 7 (original or with replacement battery) are risky and need to be recalled. So if you have either, it’s time to replace them. H...
Lechamp ti ht 6
Motobecane Le Champion Ti, Reviewed
review by mark
So about 3 years ago I started shopping for a road bike. My first, and maybe my last. I wanted something light, strong, and durable because we had decided then (for the foreseeable future) to try t...
How to Naturally Reduce or Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Secrets from Dr. Axe
list by mark
thinning hair
Natural Herbs
Hair loss
Here’s a great video by Dr. Josh Axe, on natural ways to reduce or reverse hair loss for men and women. Let’s face it, thinning hair is a big part genetic, and another chunk hormonal. We’re focusin...
TOP 5 Best Protein Powders! RizKnows
list by mark
Health & Personal Care
Sports & Outdoors
Helpful video on widely available protein powders by Jeff Rizzo from Sacramento. Jeff’s focus for this video-review - good quality absorbable protein, affordable, tastes good, mixes well. Jeff is a...

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Apple - MacBook Pro® with Touch Bar - 13" Display - Intel Core i5 - 8 GB Memory - 512GB Flash Storage (latest model) Review
review by mark
Shockingly bad review of the new 2016 Macbook Pro from someone who clearly was a fanboy.He calls is, "An Underpowered Scam!"  It would seem Microsoft & Google have a terrific opportun...
Best Men's Snowboards of 2016 - 2017: Top Four From the Good Wood Snowboard Test Results
list by mark
Men's Snowboard
Best Snowboard
Winter Sports
Sports & Outdoors
Putting together a four short video reviews to help guys pick out the best snowboard for them, whether it is an All Mountain board, or something softer for the "Park.".  These reviews are...
Video Reviews: Best Womens Snowboards for 2016-2017 Good Wood Snowboard Reviews
list by mark
Women's Snowboard
Outdoor Sports
Women's Skiing
Putting together a four short video reviews to help the ladies pick out the best snowboard for them, whether it is an All Mountain board, or something softer for the "Park.".  These revie...
Best Microscope For Kids - Buyers Guide to the Top 3 Best Microscopes For Kids and Teens (Under $100)
list by mark
Quick five minute review to help you pick out the right microscope for kids and teens at home. The reviewer helps select microscopes that can serve dual duty both as a compound or stereo microscope...
Best NEW PS4 & Xbox One Games as of October 2016: Video Review
list by mark
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Xbox One Games
Video Games
The PS4 and Xbox games just keep getting better. Here are the top ranked games coming out of October 2016, just in time to start making those gift lists for the upcoming holidays.  This video had o...
Three Amazing Styling Hacks: Mens Fashion From Infamous YouTuber Jake Daniels
list by mark
Leather Jacket
Fashion Hacks
Style Trends
Three amazing fashion hacks for year end 2016 from popular YouTuber Janke Daniels. This guy brings a tongue in cheek, British sense of humor to his fashion recommendations. His favorite brands are ...
The World's Best Hair Dryer? - UnPaid (honest) Review of the Dyson Supersonic
list by mark
Hair Blow Dryer
hair dryer
Hair Dryers
Blow Dryer
Famous Youtuber Anthony DelucV (+175k subscribers) digs in, and does an unpaid unboxing and review of what is being touted as the world's best hair dryer.  The review is genuine, it is clear he's e...
Men's Fashion, Fall and Winter 2016: Casual, Lounging Wear from YouTuber Neemzzz
list by mark
Men's Casual
Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Winter Fashion
Men's Clothing
Men's Fashion
Neemzzz rocks the casual lounging look for fall fashions from Forever 21, including a cool beanie. He's exploring a range of stylish tees, flannels, and some of the most popular colors for this sea...
Hike bike trail 12 047
Gifts for Hikers, Bikers and People that Love the Outdoors: Approved by Consumer Reports
list by mark
Helmets & Accessories
Sports and Outdoors
Outdoor Recreation
Camera & Photo Features
Getting out into nature can be priceless. This is a list of high quality goods for that hiker, mountain biker, and active outdoorsman in your life. Consumer reports has recommended each of these pr...
Tires: Top Picks for 2016 as Recommended by Consumer Reports
list by mark
Best Tire
Best Tires
Off Road Tire
Winter Tire
Winter Tires
Tires & Wheels
Here are the leaders from Consumer Reports 2016 Tire Top Picks. This quick video review hits the high notes, for all season, truck and SUV tires, plus winter and summer sport.  Our shopping list he...
Jeans - How To: Styling Skinny & Knee Rip Jeans - Distressed Denim + DIY Tutorial - Mens Fashion w YouTuber Jake Daniels
list by mark
Skinny jeans
Mens clothing
Mens Wear
Clothing & Fashion
Our mate Jake Daniels offers a short, sweet, video tutorial on skinny jeans.  How & when to wear them, along with which colors. How to give them the "knee rip" look, a look which he l...
Bigstock digital multimedia entertainme 111672029
Great Buys for "Joe" Audio & Entertainment: Approved by Consumer Reports
list by mark
Electronics Accessories
Electronics Features
Television & Video
Audio & Home Theater
Love great movies and TV?  This is a collection of, 'straight up the middle' awesome values (terrific quality for a fair price).  Certainly not the cheapest gear, but no where near the top. The mag...
Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill with Rear Side Infrared Burner and Stainless Steel Doors Review
review by mark
Detailed walk through on this top-of-the-line BBQ. Elegant design, rugged stainless steel throughout. Comes standard with interior lighting, LED or bright blue lights as well. Helpful for night tim...
Tech Gadget Gift Ideas Where Price Is No Object: Approved by Consumer Reports
list by mark
High end
Gift Ideas.
Computers & Accessories
There are people in everyone's lives that deserve to have awesome stuff, especially if they use those things a LOT.  This list charts the intersection of Value and Price at the top end.  All of the...
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All Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10" Covered Fry Pan Review
review by mark
On Google a Macy's ad says use this code on cookware to save 30%  "JMRL47" Also on the actual cookware page they provide a code to save 15%  "BDAY"I hope these deal codes work f...
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Kitchen Gear for People That Love To Cook: Blessed by Consumer Reports
list by mark
kitchen tools
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Home & Kitchen Features
kitchen gadgets
Shop with confidence for the wannabe chef in your life. They'll never own everything they'd love to. Culinary arts are optimized by having the right kitchen tools within reach. I love this cross se...