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hey guys im just a 21 year old trying to help others find what they need im a mamma to a FUR BABY that i love so much. your kids have hands mine have paws

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Its A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product - 120ml/4oz - ITS A 10 Review
review by Mariah Dunnagan
a few years ago my mom started to use this stuff and she really loved it, i always get knots in my hair all the time and sometimes its hard to brush my hair so my mom bought be this store to use to...
4AM Bundle: 3 Items, Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Oil Complex Shampoo (12.6 oz), Conditioner (12.6 oz) and Transforming Oil-in-Cream Leave-in treatment (5.1 oz) Review
review by Mariah Dunnagan
so i has given these to review from crowd tap and i have to say that i'm very happy, i don't buy this kind of shampoo for a few reason 1 its too much money and 2 i never know if its going to work. ...
Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Coconut Milk Conditioner, 12 Ounce Review
review by Mariah Dunnagan
i have tried probably every one of these they smell so amazing and its suppose to be go for your hair, but im not a fan when i use it it makes my hair stiff and i want my hair to be soft i have lon...
"best fall candles" for the candle lover in you
article by Mariah Dunnagan
As  the hot summer heat cools down and all the store start putting out  school supplies we all are reminded that  it's  getting towards the end of summer and we all know what that means, right?  &q...

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all things fall
best time of the year  other then Christmas, you get to make soups and food that make you want to grab a blanket  and cozy up on the couch wear warm clothing and make your house look amazing 
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Best Mixed Drinks for Those Who Don't Like the Taste of Alcohol
article by Mariah Dunnagan
If you're like me, you shy away from alcohol, not because it gets you drunk or makes you sick, but because you don't like the taste of it. For some of us it can be difficult to find that perfect dr...
5 Answers
Most spices are going to be about  $4.00. I would actually go to a dollar store and check what they might have. 
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super cute home decor
Home Décor
Decorative Signs
Home & Kitchen
Decorative Accessories
decorate your home with some of these super cute items 
Everything pig, pink pig lovers
Humidifiers & Accessories
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
pink and cute, pigs are the best, if you love pigs then here are a few pig items that will make you super happy
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2 Answers
 This is my current favorite candy. I do not like regular candy.
Cute Rompers and Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits Rompers & Overalls
Clothing & Fashion
you can never go wrong with a romper, it can be worn  anywhere and pair some accessories and you got the perfect outfit 
Halloween hero 1 a
halloween baby costumes
Costumes & Accessories
Baby Boys
Infants & Toddlers
Kids & Baby
Baby Products
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
i cant get over had cute these costumes are  put your kid in one of these and they will look super cute 
white chocolate raspberry chai latte
article by Mariah Dunnagan
so if you love chai teas then you'll love this simple white chocolate raspberry chai latte. fall is here and the weather is changing and we all want to drink and eat according to the weather, hot c...
dog products
all the cute  things your dog will need
Hulu netflix rotten tomatoes
the best tv shows
Off Topic
here are some of my favorite shows to watch of Netflix and hulu
Disney movies
"best Disney's Animated movies"
article by Mariah Dunnagan
so your in the mode to  be a kid, what better thing too do then watch some Disney movies. here are some movies that i really love and i think you will love as well.first on my list is probably my a...
2 Answers
No' they will send either a gift card through email or check to you. depending on what you chose.