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My Gluten Free Beauty Products
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Bisquick Gluten Free Pancake & Baking Mix
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review by Mandy Sonnier
If you're looking for an awesome Gluten Free Pancake mix, this is the one!!! Since going Gluten Free, I've tried several other brands of pancake mix, but none compare to the Bisquick. This pancake ...
Gluten Free Cajun Roux Recipe
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article by Mandy Sonnier
As a cajun from South Louisiana we eat many foods than contain a Roux, which is a flour based sauce. One of the staples in a cajun diet is Gumbo. After going gluten free, finding a good tasting rou...
Apple Watch Sport 38mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Lavender Sport Band Review
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review by Mandy Sonnier
I have to say, i really love my Apple Watch. I bought it as a gift for myself, not really sure if I'd like. I hadn't worn a watch in years! This Rose Gold color is beautiful. I really like the watc...
My Favorite Gluten Free White Almond Cake Recipe
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article by Mandy Sonnier
I LOVE to bake. When I had to go gluten free, due to a wheat allergy, I thought that I would never be able to bake a great tasting cake again. Well, I was wrong!! One of the best discoveries that I...
9 Answers
opaleyz answered:
Hello,Michaels has a nice selection of them.  I have a few to display my necklace to keep them from being tangled up.  You can also us a coupon on them.  I have them ring mind up sepreatly so that ...
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8 Answers
 I have a kenmore machine and I love it and have had it for about 8-10 years and I love it
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6 Answers
Miss.Bliss answered:
I use a Hydro Flask amazing bottle I always keep mine with me! I highly recommend buying one of these over a normal bottle!! They keep anything you put in it will ice cold or hot for hours, they do...
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3 Answers
Victoria M answered:
 I find that a paddle brush is better on my tangles.  I use this one, and it is great on my hair! I have naturally curly hair, so if it can make its way through that, then it should be able to make...
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3 Answers
boodreeau answered:
This has probably some of the highest and best ratings. I want one myself. I had friends who have bought one and said how it really does turn everything into juice, even vegetables and is not grain...
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4 Answers
knedell answered:
  This toy has been around since my dog was a puppy and survived both chewers.  I put peanut butter in the middle and freeze it. Kong is the only brand of toy I can reliably find that holds up with...
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2 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
@mandy_sonnier I had the same problem until I go this gate and when I opened the door she thought she could get out but the dog gate was there, I could open my area to walk out but she would then I...
1 Answer
Justine Kinch answered:
The DIY methods are:  Vinegar and water sprayed all the way around the outside of house.  And inside you will need…-5 to 7 drops of peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lavender, or neem essential oil-a r...
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2 Answers
Personally I like the gummy style delivery system for vitamins, and my kids love it too.  Its like having candy, but with good stuff in it.  I have never tried probiotic gummies, but given neutral ...
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3 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
 I typed in 120" solid curtain rods and this is what I came up with good luck on your search