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Coffee Addiction
list by Manda Olivio
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Ben & Jerry's, Half Baked Ice Cream, Pint (4 Count) Review
review by Manda Olivio
I have to say this is my favorite ice cream they put out. Its like a party in my mouth(pause, that donn't sound right). The mixture of brownies and cookie dough with the vanilla ice cream is so ama...
Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster, Dreams Scent, 9.7 Oz (Pack of 3) Review
review by Manda Olivio
When down came out with these I did not know what to expect at first. But I bought it anyway. You take a cap full or how ever much you like and pour it in the machine where you put your clothes bef...
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Monster Rehab Energy Drink, Pink Lemonade, 15.5 Ounce (Pack of 24) Review
review by Manda Olivio
I think i am addicted. LMAO This is the first energy drink that does not taste nasty in my opinion. I can drink 3 in one shot when i need to and i don't get the jitters or crash after a period of t...
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Ocean Fresh, 80 Count (Pack of 2) Review
review by Manda Olivio
these wipes work wonders. I use them to clean everything from my sons toys to the kitchen counter. I don't have to worry about Nothing not being cleaned. Lysol is been trusted by families for years...
Razbaby raz berry silicone teether red c4c
RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether - Red Review
review by Manda Olivio
When teething time hits, we all go crazy trying to find the best things that will work. I have tried the cold rag, the oragel you name it. When i went to cvs to see what else i can find I came acro...
Children's Tablet
article by Manda Olivio
I have a three year old and like most kids they want what mommy or daddy have. I don't wanna take the chance of him braking my phone so i was on the hunt for a lil something made for him. I was alw...
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Being a stay at home momma
article by Manda Olivio
OK so like most of you mothers out there we stay home and take care of the kids either because we want to or have to, right?Well then your with me, when I say it is not easy to do. I am 27 years ol...
Inbox Dollars - Survey Site
article by Manda Olivio
 It is free to create an account with Inbox Dollars. The free rewards are endless, and its always cash not points or anything like that. All new members get a $5 sign up bonus and min payout is $30...
US Art Supply® Jewelescent® 60 Color Gel Pen Set - Professional Artist Quality S Gel Ink Pens in Vibrant Colors - Classic, Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel & Swirl Colors - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Review
review by Manda Olivio
These gel pens are so cool. There are 60 different colors or shades of colors. When i was in junior HS i used these all the time and now being in college i think they would help a whole lot but bei...

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1 Answer
Mary Murch answered:
Place the diaper boxes or wipe boxes in a UPS box and then ship it
Curel Hydra Therapy Body Lotion, 8 Ounce (Pack of 6) Review
review by Manda Olivio
I love this in shower lotion, it leave my skin feeling so moisturized with out that sticky feeling. It is a great thing to have especially if you have dry skin. It help keep in and repair the moist...
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 100% Pure & Natural - Therapeutic Grade - Triple Extra Quality Lavender Oil Linalool 31%, Linalyl Acetate 34%, 1 fl oz Review
review by Manda Olivio
I use this in a spray bottle to calm my kids down before bed. It smells really good and is not that strong. It has so many benifits and i can't wait to find them all out. It is a little bit pricey ...
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Coconut Oil 10oz Review
review by Manda Olivio
So i got this as part of one of my crowdtap missions. You use it after you wash your body but before you get out the shower. It saves so much time if you are on the go with using lotion. I love the...
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Cozy cuddles cream teddy bear 65in  33258.1291356206.550.550
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2 Answers
Jodi Hess answered:
I won a huge bear at a fair once!  I was so surprised, but here is what I found online.  The Blue one is $69.99 but not sure how big it is.  The white one is $ 165. They do have  quite a bit on Ama...
3 Answers
It's okay. Idk if I like it yet. Maybe a few things. If we had friends instead of followers and could chat and see who is online in my opinion it would be a lot better.
2 Answers
Thank you used your link to enter , love sweepstakes
10 Answers
Kelly Prebish answered:
when the child starts to give  you signs or signals that they are ready.
3 Answers
I travelled with two toddlers myself a few years back with my husband and there was two of them and they way entertaining the flight and some people was throwing mean stares at them. You have your ...
Leapfrog- Leap into learning!!!
article by Manda Olivio
Lets face it as parents we don't want our kids to be stuck on video games. Their mind will become all mushy and they won't learn much. Well I agree to some point. I have found away for my son to ge...
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2 Answers
maryanno answered:
Chalkboard paint is great for arts and craft products i have a made a chalk for my grands and they thought it was greatest thing ever 
Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster, Dreams Scent, 9.7 Oz (Pack of 3) Review
review by Manda Olivio
When down came out with these I did not know what to expect at first. But I bought it anyway. You take a cap full or how ever much you like and pour it in the machine where you put your clothes bef...
1 Answer
Been a member of vindale for a while but I don't think I've ever cashed out , I always forget about it with all the sites I do. Thank you for the reminder
1 Answer
Rindy May answered:
I finally found your answer for this. I read on reddit that it can take 10 days or so for a check to arrive to you.