"Norman Bates is such an awkward marshmallow. I LOVE HIM." -Katie

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Chanukah wish list 2016
list by kobraxkid
some of the things i would like this year for Chanukah :3 you may notice that a lot of it is weird/cute clothes, and that is because i have become unhappy with my current wardrobe and i am trying t...

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dream cosplays!!
list by kobraxkid
my dream cosplays C: i may add more latercharacters: Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)                    Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)                    Party Poison (The True Lives of t...
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my birthday wishlist 2016
list by kobraxkid
some of the stuff i want for my birthday this year :33 not pictured: seeing Captain America Civil War, Sacanime/Stocktoncon/Wizard World comic-con tickets?if you would like to get me cosplay, see m...
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all i want for christmas.... (are these things)
list by kobraxkid
things i want for hanukkah/christmas this year (mom, take notes)