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3 Answers
maryanno answered:
I have this hp printer so very easy to set up and you get  beautiful prints in about 7 seconds .I would highly recommend this printer and its affordable
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4 Answers
Honestly when a stain occurs with three kids I improvise right away and get to work with hot water a scrub brush and tide or dawn diluted and I scrub and use old rags to soak up the water. You have...
5 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
Write engaging content  and create helpful shopping lists with atleast 10 items in each .. Share them on every possible social media platform to promote them .. Follow people get followers ... Answ...
5 Answers
We always get them from walmart. They outgrow them so fast that I cant see spending $25 on shoes for a toddler. My 8 year old we buy from Payless though as they hold up alot longer than walmart sho...
6 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
I actually like Allure beauty box .. You definitely get a lot more that you pay for with any beauty box subscription but I hate getting shampoo & soap like stuff in my beauty box. I don't need ...
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1 Answer
  Here are a few. We bought my 8 year old a regular tablet. My daughter we got the nick jr one. She loves it! They aso have a $48 nabi
3 Answers
Victoria M answered:
Welcome! I am sure you already see how fun and addicting it can be :). Once the period is over, it will log your total for you.  After the processing date listed behing the total, they will email y...
2 Answers
Yes! It makes me want to stay off of here until they get everything fixed but I don't wanted to miss any days of earning. 
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7 Answers
 John Frieda's frizzease serum is my fave. It really helps my frizz prone hair look sheek and managed 
1 Answer
Mary Murch answered:
Oh I am a NONO user and yes it works I love it I would for sure say YES YES to the NO NO   @kimplummer6 
Watermelon Slicer Corer and Server - Highest Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel Melon Slicer by Kitchen Plus Home Review
review by Kim Plummer
This is just Genius!! Where has this been all my life!?! This tool makes it super easy to slice watermelon! It's curved so it helps you get every bit of that watery goodness! The tool is stainless ...
Longer 50LED/30.7ft Solar String Lights, Hallomall Solar LED String Lights, Waterproof Starry String Lights Ambiance Lighting For Gardens, Homes, Christmas Party Tree Review
review by Kim Plummer
These are great way to light up your deck, patio, or even just add a little decorations to your trees. The bulbs are tear drop shaped, they are clear glass and give off a yellow glow. They are sola...
Reinforced, Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door, "Lifetime Replacement Guarantee", Fits All Door Sizes up to 38" x 82", Keeps Bugs Out and Lets Cool Breeze In, Toddler and Pet Friendly Review
review by Kim Plummer
This is just genius!! It's like a screen door! It's a little tricky to install, you have to make sure you line it all up right and get the Velcro around the door positioned right. It comes with a s...
Garnier Whole Blends Haircare - Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner Set - With Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Extracts - Net Wt. 12.5 FL OZ (370 mL) Per Bottle - One Set Review
review by Kim Plummer
This shampoo and conditioner smells AMAZING!! The shampoo looks kind of like oil, but it lathers nicely and doesn't leave an oily residue in your hair. The conditioner is thick, as most are, it's e...
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