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Amie George answered:
I just search a lot on Amazon and look under third party sellers too. There are also a ton of FB groups that post these types of deals.
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 We have this one and its well worth it! It has different pads for hard wood, carpet, and tile. They are washable so you dont have to keep buying more like swiffer. We just use our regular cleaner ...
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Well if you are shopping at a drug store/ Walmart type store I say Maybelline! Their line of foundation is phenomenal for the price. If you are shopping higher end I love Clinique. I have heard You...
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Mary Murch answered:
I see my grand daughters little neighbor with them on her cup all the time (her's is orange and has a straw) and she is usually playing in the yard all the time with it. The kid always has it and I...
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Barbara U answered:
This is a new kind of curling iron I read about. Kind of expensive though.
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maryanno answered:
I have this hp printer so very easy to set up and you get  beautiful prints in about 7 seconds .I would highly recommend this printer and its affordable