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3 Answers
 I have this one and it's AMAZING! I was on an all smoothie meal replacement diet and this was perfect, my mother has the same one too and loves it. My mom is buying this one for my sister for Chri...
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Joni Hoffman answered:
I have thick hair at the back of my head but the sides are a bit thinner. I was using the wrong shampoo and discovered that it made it stop happening and that was this shampoo and conditioner. This...
1 Answer
I chatted with them via amazon and they said the comforter doesn't come with the set and that they sold a comforter that matched it and gave me this link but I don't think it matches at all. really...
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1 Answer
Terry Hoover answered:
yes  made with PVC and yes it has a strap  here is a link that shows it..sorry no picture.
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3 Answers
Noel Miller answered:
Macy's has tons still in the last act clearance section, and a nice variety! If you prefer online, here are a few you may like! 
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Noel Miller answered:
I think it's okay to use, my sister used too! You might want to Google the product name and reviews to see if anyone has rated perhaps?
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4 Answers
Tramaine Ray answered:
 I have actually tried this, it's amazing!
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4 Answers
I can see this wrapped around my niece's neck. She would love this so much while riding along in her mommy's car.