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Kendall & Kylie Printed Jogger Shorts at Review
review by Kathy Baccus
I love these cute shorts. They are really adorable and made with quality material. They fit just right on our Grandaughters. I will be buying more of this collection for them. I recommend them to a...

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4 Answers
Victoria M answered:
Mine took a dew days in order for me to get approved.  Once I got approved, it was another day or so before I started seeing any earnings. I have read that they only update once per day.  I am not ...
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7 Answers
It is really good cookware' but still think it's over priced!
5 Answers
megcog answered:
You have to apply to join the rewards program which is a tab on the side. Once you are approved you can begin to earn money. You earn money by being active on the site. This is done by asking quest...