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Art naturals face routine
article by Kaitlin Logan
    I absolutely love this brand! Here I have the clarifying face wash, make-up remover, make-up setting spray and clear skin drying lotion. I start my routine every night with the art naturals pur...
Garcia cambogia
article by Kaitlin Logan
 I love love love Garcinia cambogia. I take 1 capsule 20 minutes before every meal. Which is 3 times a day. That's for maximum results. I have had no side affects so far and I have been taking this...

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5 Answers
Jamie Hagy answered:
If he is a true southern boy then I would stick to fishing things for now because it is summer and he can use them now. A new tackle box with items inside. Most sports stores will give you great id...
7 Answers
lisa1205 answered:
Im no help really but my cat is the same way. She's not really a player per say. Most cats love those dangly toys and she just looks at me like I'm crazy, so I bought some of that cat nip spray and...
15 Answers
mlwjls09 answered:
My favorite is Snapple Apple..It taste just like your eating a red apple!
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7 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
Honestly I don't clean window as often I should be but when I do I simply just use vinegar mix with some alcohol and little warm water and use newspaper to wipe it off if possible otherwise any Col...
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4 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
I use Kleenex normally during this allergy season .. As their travel packs are really handy but someone recently recommended me seveth generation tissue ... So give them a try as you have bad aller...
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3 Answers
lisa1205 answered:
We use cloth wipes so I make this solution and put it in a spray bottle and spray it on her bum before I wipe her. Distilled water2 tablespoons warm coconut oil 2 tablespoons of that baby wash
2 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
I normally clean the house with arm and hammer baking powder to kill any bad odor then ...  I leave two slices of lime, lemon or orange peel in water in a sprayer bottle and if needed mix little es...
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5 Answers
l1velif3 answered:
My little one has just started teething .. I normally freeze her feeding spoon and give her ... The chillness of spoon numbs the pain .. I have also tried couple of safe ideas from the link below ....
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3 Answers
Janavi answered:
We have three cats that use all the litter boxes in the house and this keeps odor away really well