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jennie111585 answered:
I like to use swagbucks (they offer a wide verity of gift cards) it's a fun place to get free gift cards for playing game, doing surveys, watching video clips, etc… I also like to use Points2Shop (...
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Really I like both. That's a tough one. But maybe the first ones. I like the color scheme on both!
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I spent all my time balling baseball growing up!
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Maria Parker answered:
Yes I use facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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I use my desktop mostly because I can copy and paste from Amazon and I can't do it from my phone so  sometimes I answer questions when I can't sleep at night time. 
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cuga55 answered:
It seems interesting. Can you share how much you get by these methods monthly or is it a secret?
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Mary Murch answered:
@Themoneyteam    type in swim suits under 1 dollar and several will pop up 
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 I have this desk for my computer because I didn't want to take up a lot of space, and I really like it . I also got one for my sewing machine
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killerfan answered:
Gotta love him! I enjoyed Halloween, specially that first scene when the murderer enters the house. It was a really nice shot.
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Megan Fugate answered:
I had a great time with my kids, and nieces.
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