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Masters of Classical Music - Various artists Review
review by Johnny Boy
Every now and then I like to play some classical music but I don't know much about it so I have to play different compilations I found. This one is pretty good and it covers all major artists you e...
Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer, Chrome Silver Review
review by Johnny Boy
This is great warmer with classic zippo look. I got it just because I was wondering how it works.I don't use it that much because I'm not that much of a camper but it's great hand warmer. You fill ...
4 Non Blondes
list by Johnny Boy
4 Non Blondes (creator)
4 Non Blondes (artist)
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Fiesta cinnabar mugs coffee cups hlc fiestaware ware retired lot of 4
Funny Coffee Mugs
list by Johnny Boy
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Coffee Mugs
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Cute and funny coffee mugs for your morning office coffee. Get few laughs from your coworkers.

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2 Answers
still waiting just like you i was hoping today i would get my 5.75 payout.
1 Answer
boodreeau answered:
I will be honest with you. I used to use them but I started noticing small little lines in my teeth from them, the vibration was causing small crack lines down my front teeth. I stopped using them....
Chrome Bottle Pourers Set of 6 Review
review by Johnny Boy
I always liked metal pourers for some reason. The only advantage plastic ones have is that you don't really need to check what's in the bottle. You can just remember ,for example . blue pourer is v...
Cocktail Shaker 28 oz. Weighted Stainless Steel Review
review by Johnny Boy
This is classic cocktail shaker. There is nothing more you need if you want to learn how to make cocktails. I like them more when they are weighted. Although they say you should use another little ...
Hiware Mixing Glass ★ 24oz/700ml Thick Bottom Cocktail Glass ★ Preferred by Pros and Amateurs Alike, Make Your Own Specialty Cocktails Review
review by Johnny Boy
Just shaker is not enough if you want to mix good cocktails. That's why you need another little shaker , or in my case , big glass to do some extra mixing. I like glass more because it's more attra...
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Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs, 3 L Review
review by Johnny Boy
When you want to make something old school and fly away in those times when we didn't have fridges this is your thing. It has nice handles so you can carry your ice with wine it easily and there ar...
Cocktail Muddler - Stainless Steel - Grooved Nylon Head - Lifetime Guarantee - Create Delicious Refreshing Cocktails by Decodyne Review
review by Johnny Boy
If you want your cocktails to be filled with all the beautiful flavor from all the ingredients you use. you need a good muddle. This one is great.When I use a lot of fruit I have to use it so I can...
Bellemain Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles - Premium Quality Lemon Juicer and Lime Juicer- The Best Lemon Press and Most Comfortable Review
review by Johnny Boy
This was first lemon squeezer I ever bought. I didn't know what to take so I just took one with best reviews on Amazon. I'm not sorry I did so. Handles are very good and don't bend and whole constr...
OXO SteeL Bottle Opener Review
review by Johnny Boy
Once again , OXO made an awesome product. I mean, it's nothing special. It's just a bottle opener but the thing I like about this brand is their craftsmanship. It looks luxurious , finish on the me...