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I chose blue and white for my wedding. If I could do it over I would go with brown and a light blue.
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alyn28 answered:
i currently use: crowd tap, swaggable, amazon, influenster, bzzagent,  PinchMe, freebieshark, there are tons!!! just use google and type in exactly what you are looking for, make sure to add scam f...
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PurpleLover answered:
You can try the Garnier Whole Blends but if you're hair is extremely damaged...I'll recommend shampooing less and co-wash at least 2 times a week. They have a lot of inexpensive co-wash treatments ...
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ashley16 answered:
Garnier blends is really good. I also like Treseme'. But if you're willing to spend a little more than I would recommend designer essentials or mazani. 
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cuga55 answered:
As a guy let me tell you something. First thing you need to do is get wet with warm water. A lot of warm water. After shaving is done use a lot of cold water to rinse. And I'm talking freezing. Don...
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Natasha Berry answered:
Is your cat a female?  If so she may be in heat. They tend to meow a lot and will stick her bottom up in the air. If not i would try calling  a local vet
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Mary Murch answered:
@jessiwar  please go get your fur baby checked out right away any mass can be cancerous. I worked for a  vet (NO I AM NOT A VET/DOC) But any mass can be dangerous. Animals are part of our families....
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i just recently lost my grandma who was diagnosed with alzheimers two years ago.  i moved in and took care of her literally as long as i could until she became too much to bear with 2 school age ch...
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I asked this question the other day and did not get any actual numbers really from anyone. I would say I am averaging about a $1.20 when I am able to be on for most of the day off and on. The days ...
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Yep! They send it to your email with a claim code. You just copy the code and apply it to your Amazon! Super simple!