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Poise Microliners Protect Moms from Life After Kids
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
Motherhood has its many, many joys. It also has some unexpected, sarcastic joys. Pregnancy causes a lot of organ squishing and squashing. It's inevitable that after pregnancy you'll find yourself u...
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10 Hilariously Perfect Mugs for Tea Drinkers
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
Drinking tea is often mistaken as a dainty, class act of beverage choice. It doesn't have to be. I always love a good pun. My mugs are not exempt from needing this special love either. I've seen lo...
11 Reasons Why Kate McKinnon is Everyone's Girl Crush
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
Not sure if you live under a rock or not, but lately the world (and the internet) have been abuzz with some mad love for comedian, Kate McKinnon. And for good reason! Kate is wildly talented, hilar...
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This Vans x Disney Pixar Toy Story Collection is the Rootinest Tootinest
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
When I saw the email about the brand new Vans x Disney Pixar Toy Story Collection I stopped what I was doing to drool over what they came up with. There are socks and kicks and tees and hats and bo...




Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Buffs
Even if you're not the beauty buff, everyone knows someone who is the beauty buff in their family or circle of friends. I give you the rundown on the best products to gift your beauty buff pals thi...
Poo-Pourri Takes the Pee-Ew out of Pooing
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
Poop.That's right. We're getting right into the nitty gritty of it. We all poo. Every single one of us. And meeting the family for the first time over the impending holidays is no different. I'm so...
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Grab Fashion by the Pussy Bow
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
There's quite a bit of chatter about 'grabbing ladies' cats' floating around the internet right now. While most of that rhetoric is appalling and makes most felines, females and humans cringe with ...
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Cotton On Kids Boys Halloween Fashions
Clothing & Fashion
The perfect collection for little boys to show their love for Halloween.
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Tina answered:
I know these are a bit of a splurge but I absolutely love Ralph Lauren bath towels. We received a set for our wedding (15 years ago) and they are still fluffy fabulousness. Plus, if you have a Macy...
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13 Spooktacular Halloween Decorations from Pottery Barn
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
Halloween is quite literally right around the corner. How did the year fly by so fast?! One of my favorite things to do each year is scope through the new holiday decor trends. Aside from my bae, P...
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10 T-Shirts That Perfectly Declare Your Love For Pumpkin Spice Lattes
article by Jessi Sanfilippo
It's basic season, ladies! The #PSL is officially back on the menu at Starbucks. This means it's obviously time to show off your love of the pumpkin spice latte in those rare times you're not holdi...