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Glass Pitchers for Refreshment
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article by Jenny Templeton
Today is a great day for sitting outside on the deck drinking a sweet tea. I am going to invite a friend over soon to enjoy the day with me at the pool. I want to serve some lunch. Nothing big but ...
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Let's celebrate with nice glasses
Champagne Glasses
I love champagne. I often have people over for an intimate gathering and having great glasses is important. When I look for the perfect glasses, I am partial to flute. I just found some new ones th...
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Washing The Car
Sponges & Mitts
Exterior Care
car wash
Car Wash Equipment
Car Care
It is such a pretty day out today and I am looking for something to do to enjoy the weather. I look out at my car and suddenly I know just what I need to do. A bird has made my car need a bath. I u...
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Vinegar and Oil
vinegar and oil cruets
vinegar and oil dispensers
vinegar and oil
Today I was sitting and eating my usual salad and putting on my favorite topping of vinegar and oil when I stopped to think that I didn't have a nice set of cruets.  I always use the same  old bott...

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