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Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set Review
review by Jennifer Corbett
It depends on what the child us into.  I would buy him something that he can enjoy outside because it us starting to be warmer out side. Maje it something that he would use rather then him play wit...
Apples 40 Big Wall Decals Country Stars Border Kitchen Stickers Room Decor NEW Review
review by Jennifer Corbett
I Have these on my wall and cupboards they brighten up my kitchen. People have even brought me some because they tell me to use them as an border abd It stands out with other Apple decor that u may...
KitchenAid KFE5T Flex Edge Beater for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers Review
review by Jennifer Corbett
I have two kitchen aid beaters. one without the edge abd one with the flex edge. I gotta say that my favorite is the Flex Edge Beater because it cleans off ur bowl and doesn't leave hardly anything...

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2 Answers
maryanno answered:
This is recipe i use hope you like itMac and cheeseIngredients1 1/2 cups elbow macaroni, shells or cavatappi3 tablespoons butter or margarine3 tablespoons all purpose flour2 cups milk (not skim)1/2...
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4 Answers
maryanno answered:
I always use downy fabric softener
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6 Answers
I love Tide, but not the price! We found All Small & Mighty to be of good quality and it goes on sale all the time! At least it does where I live. It's concentrated so you don't need to use as ...
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2 Answers
Justine Kinch answered:
My friends are telling me about something called Tru Weightloss.  It's supplements you take and although you should exercise, you don't have to, to lose weight.  I looked into it when a close frien...
5 Answers
Maria Parker answered:
I made pig in blankets, hot dogs and hamburgers. I put out chips , baked beans and potato salad. I also included fruits and have juice for beverage. Grad cake and ice cream for desert.
9 Answers
Jenna answered:
I I have an article if you want to check it out. 
1 Answer
Alla Rada answered:
I follow groups on facebook and have my list of stuff
1 Answer
l1velif3 answered:
I Iiked baked pasta with broccoli and chick pea  seasoned with salt and pepper. I add sautéd onions too
3 Answers
My kids are fishes they love hanging out at the pool with dad spraying them and sometimes dad gets encouraged to go start up the grill he has a portable gas grill.
1 Answer
I bought a cookie recipe cook book but Betty crocker is the easiest to prepare just buy a pack and enjoy.Ginger snaps, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip. I like coconut macaroons. 
14 Answers
Nov 30th 2015 - Dec 16th 2015 I earned $284 for being 5th in the top 200.
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5 Answers
My daughter has tried so many products for her frizzy ends and we always end up going back to Argan Oil. It's the best. 
4 Answers
ashley0323 answered:
I would take it up with the principal, and if he doesnt think anything needs done, go to the school board. No child deserves to be bullied. This is part of the reason we are homeschooling this year.
7 Answers
i used to watch 16 and pregnant and teen mom, teen  mom 2, the first couple seasons but the longer the show has gone on  the less interest i have had in it