article by Jamie Steadman
Goodreads is a online site and app where you can find thousands of books you can win! The picture above is a few of the books I have won through Goodreads. I have won over one hundred books from Go...

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Jesus Calling - Sarah Young Review
review by Jamie Steadman
I was given this book about 3 years ago when my husband became ill. I thought to myself how will this help. When I started reading it, I felt as if Jesus was talking to me, letting me know he was w...
Rubbermaid Self-Wringing Ratchet Twist Mop with Blended Yarn Head, 54-inch (1818664) Review
review by Jamie Steadman
The Rubbermaid self wringing mop is great! It is so easy to use and no more wet, nasty hands from trying to manually squeeze out the mop water. Wal-Mart has these mops for about $10.00. You may thi...
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Rosebud Salve Tin, .8 Ounce Review
review by Jamie Steadman
Rosebud salve has been around for a very long time. Imagine my surprise when I found a tin of it on Amazon! I remember my grandmother using it on my cuts and scrapes as a child and in my early teen...
Dial Bar Soap, Advanced Fresh Spring, 10 Ounce (Pack of 24) Review
review by Jamie Steadman
Our son gave us a bar of the new Dial bar Soap Advanced to try and when we used it we knew this would be our new favorite soap. It lathers very easy and has a long lasting fragrance pleasing to men...