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Lives best things!
You say what?
Anything in life that is a Must!! Their are many different types of things in life that make our lives great. But some things can make our lives grand. Have I left anything off??

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maryanno answered:
I use kraft mayo and i add bacon and a little ranch dressing so yummy and of cause potato and onion  salt and pepper to taste
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I love corn with mayo spread around it with white cheese and a little bit of tajin if you want to add a bit of a spice. 
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I would recommend going to Home Depot Walmart or Lowes and finding one there they have some really cool good ones for a great price.
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kakjan answered:
Well the real deal is the best in my opinion but I don't always make the real ones lol when I have time I definetly do. But, when I'm rushing around trying to get kids here and there and everywhere...
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Justine Kinch answered:
Contact them by messaging them on Facebook:    It may take them until Monday to fix the issue.
Profoot Care Heel Rescue Superior Moisturizing Foot Cream, 16 Oz Review
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review by Jackie Bugdanavage
I bought this from Family Dollar about 2 weeks ago. The size is the same in pic but price was much better at 5.99. This stuff is amazing. My feet were dry and cracked. To where I thought their was ...
Lawry's Seasoned Salt, 40-Ounce Review
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review by Jackie Bugdanavage
Lawry's makes several different seasonings. The best one is definitely their season salt. I add it to everything. AlAny meat I cook I'm adding my season salt. My husband loves it as do my kids. Wit...
9 Answers
I mostly operate from my phone and I have only had 1 day where my day was over $2.00. I asked the same thing once and found out people who didn't do anything other than answers a few questions, wer...
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Jami Denise answered:
I'm of the opinion that it's better safe than sorry. Teenagers are going to do it whether we like it or not, and I personally didn't want to risk his health or have him make me a grandma, so I gave...
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Comet Dry Cleanser, 14 oz Review
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review by Jackie Bugdanavage
Comet cleaner is some great stuff and it tackles the toughest jobs with ease. It comes in a powder form. I tend to clean one main thing with my Comet. And that is sinks. The comet sprinkled in the ...
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6 Answers
If you dr prescribed insurance should take care of. Find good medical supply store and they usually have variety of and they can help. Or a physical therapy office. They have so many suggestions.
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Amie George answered:
Honestly J.C Penny's or Walmart for the whole family. Ross has good deals too.