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Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation Review
review by Heather Tullock
This is by far the best foundation I have ever tried and I have tried a ton and then some.  PROS: Coverage is Amazing: It is made for 4k filming Best foundation ever for Pictures Last for 6 hours o...

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Autumn Handy answered:
I would !!   I'm always looking for new ideas ( especially since I'm gluten free ... but i can convert almost any recipe over ) so go for it ! 
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Crystal Bell answered:
I just got the Waist Corset for Weight Loss Body shaper tummy fat burning one off amazing from Sunzel! Works great.
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Autumn Handy answered:
Tofutti makes one .. i think its soy based ... never tried it though 
16 Answers
The only way there are going to recognize it is if they are shopping there aswell and had looked at it. Then they shouldn't be judging lol. But yes I would if i liked it, I just know they don't las...
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I take care of my 24 yr old autistic son, full time job. I also do surveys and reviews online.
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meg jean cook answered:
This stuff is a miracle worker in a tube. Honestly if your not moisturizing at all start with that twice a day, but if you are already doing that I would add this to your routine. 
Geeky Father's Day Presents
article by Heather Tullock
If your husband is like mine, than the typical Father's day gifts are a big bust. Here a few of the items I know all geeky dads will love. Who Doesn't Love The Doctor???  This Mug is amazing! What ...