Heather Tullock

WAHM that loves makeup, cooking, gaming, and general geekery
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 If you're really brave try Shawn T's dance workout dvd's , I lost my excess baby weight with them, they are a little hard at times but worth the reward. Best of luck in your fitness journey 
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Autumn Handy answered:
Tofutti makes one .. i think its soy based ... never tried it though 
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The only way there are going to recognize it is if they are shopping there aswell and had looked at it. Then they shouldn't be judging lol. But yes I would if i liked it, I just know they don't las...
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PurpleLover answered:
Here a really good one, and it's not expensive. 
Mary kay eyeliner mk deep brown h
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 Mascara...my favorite one right now is Urban Decay Perversion. However I am always looking for the next best thing so any suggestions are welcomed. But yes my go to is mascara I just believe it op...
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I take care of my 24 yr old autistic son, full time job. I also do surveys and reviews online.
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Advantage II is the right route for you if you only have fleas and if your cat has ticks as well then the Frontline Plus would be the other you would need to get. Advantage II is a lot cheaper than...
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Shawna Kreger answered:
I love Laura Mercier the translucent powder for under eyes. I’m not sure this one is the best or not but I always used this one. Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in peach (loose) is the one I use for ...
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PurpleLover answered:
I'm a Dr. Pepper lover. Coke is a little too strong for me.
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Crystal Bell answered:
I just got the Waist Corset for Weight Loss Body shaper tummy fat burning one off amazing from Sunzel! Works great.