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39 yr old mother of 4


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BETSYSGOLD answered:
 New Orleans. Louisiana here, Glad to meet you.
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Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty
article by Heather Foret
Coconut oil is the best thing to have around the house. It has over 100 uses. From cooking to beauty to health. It is now the only thing I use when frying anything. I have learned it is one of the ...
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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
article by Heather Foret
Essential oils are great for cleaning and aromatherapy but they can also be great for your health. From acne to cellulite,cold sores to headaches. I bought this book a few months ago and it has rea...

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Lori Oates answered:
Here are a ton of healthy pork recipes that you may like:
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NOt sure if you meant clothes with a Disney Princess on them, or a princess costume  or just something for a special princess! So here's some of all!
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Randy Porter answered:
I love blue and white  oriental pottery and have about 23 pieces on my shelves.     
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Mary Murch answered:
I just bought my brother in law these and am ready to buy myself a pair
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Mary Murch answered:
hayneedle has amazing such products here is the link go take a look and see if you find one you may like there   @heather_foret 
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Randy Porter answered:
I am married to a painter and this would be his choice. 
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Mary Murch answered:
Ribs soak in bbq sauce   in pan on side take 4 cans pork bean add 1/4 cup bbq sauce 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 table spoon white vinegar, stir, top with strips of bacon using one package of bacon bake i...
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Lori Oates answered:
I did mine 2 ways. 1. Let my water boil, cut off burner, then put my tea bags in and let them sit for a while, put my sugar in my container, then pour the tea in and add water.2. I made sun tea qui...
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Mary Murch answered:
home depot right now 4 bags for 10 dollars @heather_foret 
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Mary Murch answered:
@heather_foret I love Finesse it seems to make my hair feel soft and silky, my 16 yr old has dark thick hair and she has but hair color in it which made it even thicker tougher to keep silky and fi...
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Mary Murch answered:
1/2 cup 2% milk  1 cup blue berries 1 cup low fat yogurt blend this is light refreshing and I love it and cost less than buying packaged shakes @heather_foret 
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Mary Murch answered:
 great list here @heather_foret     
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Mary Murch answered:
here are the reviews on all the natural hair conditioners for you to take a look at @heather_foret thought you might find it interesting    
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Mary Murch answered:
I took my daughter to the dermo two weeks ago and we were told to only use  and then with a cotton ball dab her face with white vinegar then rinse with cool water and pat dry. @heather_foret