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Peanuts® 4 Piece Ceramic Soup & Cereal Bowl Set (Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown & Lucy) Review
review by Corey
These are pretty pricey for cereal bowls, but they are well made. They are are dishwasher safe and the lovable characters have not lost any of their details. The bowls are made by Gibson and cerami...
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list by Corey
Home & Kitchen
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list by Corey
Sports & Outdoors
list by Corey
Wieco Art
Home & Kitchen
Some people really don't have the knack for arranging artwork on the wall. Not to worry, you can buy panel artwork. All you have to do is follow the directions and you will have a perfectly arrange...

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Elegant Expressions Set of 3 Burlwood Vases Review
review by Corey
This is a great collection of Burlwood Vases. First vase is 12.25" high, second vase is 9.5" high, third vase is 5.75" high and you can arrange them together or spread them to differ...
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Gifts for Grandpa
article by Corey
Grandpa has spent a lifetime collecting stuff and he probably needs and wants nothing. But that does not mean that he shouldn't still get presents for special occasions or just because he is loved....
Aloha 305853 960 720
Land Locked
article by Corey
It is not always easy being landlocked, but there is some good news. You can bring the sea home to you. These are part of the Sun, Sand and Sea Collection. It is not as good as a walk on the seasid...
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Toys from 0 to 2
article by Corey
Do children from zero to two really need toys? Yes or at least things they can touch, manipulate and play with that will not harm them or cause parents to say "NO". They don't need to be ...
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Metal Earth
article by Corey
Collectors of Metal Earth are serious about the hobby. Some purchase the kits and build them. Others go to trade shows to purchase them. Either options there are some really amazing pieces and ther...
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Write Something Worth Reading - Gray Review
review by Corey
Benjamin Franklin was know for his many quotes. The cover of this well made journal has one of his famous quotes engraved into the journal. it is sure to be an inspiration to a young person when th...
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Blue Moon Magnet Journal Review
review by Corey
This is a small journal that travels well. The closure keeps thing tight and clean. The stamping on the journal is well done and really quite pretty. While is it blue there are lots of flowers so y...
DKX Zinc Alloy New Couples Keychain Valentine's day Present Gift Snoopy Dog Keyring Set-As the picture Review
review by Corey
The price is right for these two cute key chains. We learned something though. You need to put the same exact keys on both sets because it is too hard to remember which way your Snoopy is facing. S...
5 pcs Snoopy # 2 Bookmark Paperclip Page Maker Review
review by Corey
One of the second grade teachers at our local school has a box labeled "anything to encouraging reading". Parents, grandparents and strangers are all encouraged to put some kind of readin...
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GOTURE 10pcs Popular Wobblers 11.5cm/10.5g Fishing Lures China Multi-color Bait Artificial Minnow Goods For Carp Fishing Review
review by Corey
We go fishing for salmon on the Columbia every year. We have had great luck with wobbler lures. The guide that turned us onto to these lures years ago said to use a good heavy weight and you will b...
June Releases Children's Books
article by Corey
The new June releases are our from good reads so it is time to share the good news.  I would like to encourage everyone to purchase two books. One for a child you know and one for the library or sc...
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Yellow Sunflowers Cotton Throw Pillow Covers(18 x 18inches) Review
review by Corey
I love pillow covers. It is  important to note that you are  not buying a pillow. You are buying a cover to put on a pillow. So here is the way I do it. I have 12 basic pillows that we use on couch...