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Electronic Child Monitor
article by Venus
 They do work well i had my son put one hanging off his belt and go up stairs and it went off . I am impress with this set and well be using them this summer with my son when we go to the zoo and p...
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Digital Kitchen Timer
article by Venus
The timer has a large LCD display screen that is easy to read . To set the timer there is 2 buttons on it and also when you twist it either way to set timer up or down settings.It is lightweight an...
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12-Inch Green Earth Wok by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) Review
review by Venus
This wok is fantastic . It is the best wok i have never own . It is thick, big and awesome . I cooked some stir fry in this wok last night for the first time for dinner and Oh my it cooked it perfe...
QZUnique Women's Plus-Size Casual Elastic Waist Striped Shorts Dark Blue US L Review
review by Venus
I really like the look of these shorts. They fit very nicely. They are sewn well and they are made out of nice fabric too . They are very comfortable to wear . The waist has elastic and it is not t...




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Autumn Handy answered:
I'm seeing a lot of salt water tank fish, which are great, but unless you go really large on tank size they can honestly be a bit of a pain to get going well and to keep stable and they cost out th...